Mapping Human Emotions

In search of Immortality and the Human Soul!

America's greatest scientists are now working on the mapping of human emotions, along the lines of mapping of the human genome.

As with the mapping of human genes, which has helped in identifying the source of human diseases, the mapping of human emotions is expected to lead to an understanding of how the human mind works.

These scientists theorize that once they can map where the emotions are located in the human brain, they will be able to predict how thoughts are formed.

Harvard Professor Edward O. Wilson has even written a book on the subject, 'The Meaning of Human Existence.' He was recently interviewed on the Charlie Rose show.

Perhaps he was inspired by what the scientist James Watson said on a previous Charlie Rose show (Prof. Wilson was also at the table,) namely that next to identifying the double helix structure of the human genes and chromosomes, 'how the brain works' remained a mystery. The interview aired on the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin.

According to the American scientists working on the project to map the human emotions, the center of emotions is in the forehead and is fully formed in humans by the age of 25. The scientist, Professor Edward O. Wilson, who is known for his pioneering work on evolutionary psychology, joked about the lack of emotional maturity of teenagers. He said that MRI analyses have shown that the emotions on the brain of teenagers are all mixed up, 'they look like disturbances.'

Moreover the research indicates that emotions can be planted into robots thus giving them the thinking ability of humans.

Charlie Rose was a little concerned that robots could end up taking over, perhaps like the Will Smith movie 'I Robot.' Professor Wilson answered Charlie that we aren't going to give robots full emotional capabilities so they can take over.

And further research has predicted that the mapping of human emotions would enable us to preserve our memories -- as they are supposed to be made possible by our personal emotions -- and pass them along into the future -- perhaps put them into a time capsule and send them through a 'wormhole' where they can be reconstituted as copies of ourselves to live life millions of years from now on other solar systems, where we will thus be able to live forever. Such were the musings of Charlie Rose that day.

This was all on the Charlie Rose show; and there is even a movie by Steven Spielberg about a robot kid who is given one emotion to love only, and he ends up living forever and is so completely attached to the mother who adopted him that he was able to get an alien scientist from the future to recreate his mother for him, for one day, so he could also be able to lay down and die beside her, die voluntarily next to her -- be alive yet remain next to her motionless forever.

It appears that human scientists are trying to discover immortality after all. When reaching old age, even scientists are vulnerable to the fear of being no more. Why couldn't they just accept the eternal life that Jesus offered? We could have used all that scientific research on feeding and housing the masses and curing them of diseases.

Oct. 9, 2015

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