Internet Blues

The Internet is dying. Ten years of spewing out bile is coming to an end, as teenagers are finally breaking away from their laptops and hitting the streets with mobile devices of communication. They might not be as well connected as their elders who were chained to their computers, but they are making headway.

Crowdfunding hits the skids

Crowd funding is still working, while there are people on the Internet looking for something to cheer about. But the end is in sight as even the tax man is beginning to realize that if money is going to be made, the government should also partake of it. The roads do have to be repaired.

Of course, in a way it's sad that people from everywhere couldn't just fund something they collectively thought was worthwhile; but then once the manipulators of money got in the game, they turned it into a business for investors, and what's the fun of that?

When the crowd wants to make a profit, the funders become shareholders, and we have a standard corporate structure all over again.  When it applies to which movies get funded, the studio chiefs of the golden days of Hollywood were more generous and less fussy than the crowd.

Some things just don't change as more and more people find out that it's all the same old game.

May 22, 2014