America at the Crossroads

If the world came to an end today, what would be the lessons that we've learned? This coming Presidential election will define what type of world we've been living in, and what type of world we would like to live in -- as if we have a choice ... and we do. That's what elections are about. So what do we choose? To live in a world we lived in? To live in a world we'd like to define ourselves? Something new. Or perhaps we'd like to go back to the morality of our forefathers, the writers of the Constitution. In other words, to live according to their values of liberty and the pursuit of happiness ... with freedom, to live and choose the faith we decide to live by. Or will we choose to live according to the Bible?

This in a nutshell is what we as Americans must choose this coming election. To live according to the Constitution or the Bible. With the Constitution, we can change the laws governing us; with the Bible we can't ... not the spiritual laws dictated by God. And we can't change the Bible. That's why it's called the Bible. It's a contradiction in terms.

So let's say we decide to live according to the Constitution ... we can in fact change everything, not just the laws governing us, but the laws governing our existence. Since we will be free to change any laws, we will create a new world, a world that did not exist today, or that did ever exist, a brand new world, a world in which we would decide what is right and what is wrong. Such a world would be an abomination; but not if we decree what is moral or what is not. And here's the difference: with us the abominable will be the new norm and the holy will be unacceptable ... because we will have declared ourselves the arbiters of morality and justice. Such a world would be abominable indeed. It would be total abomination.

I choose not to live in such a world. I prefer to vote for the old world; at least I knew what was right and what was wrong ... and everybody agreed on something. Yes, give me a world I'm familiar with. I don't want to live in the world of science fiction; that's alright for children and their video games. When they grow up, they'll be able to distinguish between fantasy and reality. They will quickly become acquainted with reality when they grow up and have children.

With life there are circles, and repeating cycles: we are born and we die, and for us Christians there is even rebirth, to be born again with our Lord and Savior. That's why He came to the world, to teach us about such things and to give us hope, the hope of the Kingdom of heaven and the life everlasting.

There was one time a world without right and wrong. It was called paradise. Adam and Eve lived in it. But there was also Satan who lived there. He was not Satan to begin with. He was an angelic being, tall and attractive. His attraction was the gift of God, as He had given this quality to all His creation. But this angelic being was jealous of the man and the woman, who knew no right and wrong; they could eat of all the fruit in paradise, except the tree in the middle of paradise, and not die.

He thought they were too lucky, to be so endowed by their creator to live life without sin and know no wrong. Yet he knew of wrong, the imagined wrong that was done him: to know what was good but not to be able to willingly do what was right. So he rebelled and decided on his own that he would tempt Eve to eat of the fruit of the tree that she knew was wrong to eat of.

The soon to be Satan said to her, when she refused to eat of the fruit of that tree in the middle of paradise, "Did He tell you that you would die if you ate of the fruit of the tree?" And, Satan, noticed that she was truly afraid, so he continued, "You won't die; He just doesn't want you to know what's right and wrong."

That was the first lie that Satan had told, and it made him a liar forever -- because he would never repent of it. He had no excuse for doing it. And that's the problem with such sins; there's no excuse for the sin that sells your soul to the devil. Because there is no going back from that. Once in the clutches of Satan, nobody can escape unscathed.

And of course Eashoa Msheekha knew that He would someday have to come to the world of men and redeem Himself on their behalf in order to undo the lie that Satan had put over on them, that they would die if they ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge -- the knowledge that He alone could impart to humanity in order that they could truly live free, not just to live free to do whatever they wanted but free to follow Him forever. This is what true freedom is all about and this is what everlasting life is all about, after all: to live freely and to do the will of Maryah freely, not because of the laws of men but because of the Laws of Maryah.

This was easy for Maran Eashoa Msheekha to do. But would it be easy for us human beings to do? Well, that's why He had to come to the world, to show us how. He would have to learn -- as a human being -- what was it like to deal with the temptations of Satan, to suffer as a human being, to shed tears of sadness and joy as a human being, and to die as a human being, and through that death and subsequent resurrection to show us that if He could resurrect Himself that He could also resurrect us.

And Satan had one more shot at tempting Eashoa, to see if He was indeed the Msheekha prophesied by the Scriptures, which Satan knew by heart -- he had once lived in paradise as an angel and knew what was holy -- so he asked Eashoa the three questions, to see if he could mislead Him.

And what were the three questions? "If you're hungry, why don't you turn these stones into bread?"

Eashoa did not wish to resort to His heavenly powers. If He'd wanted to do that He would've come as a ruler, even as an emperor; but that was not His intention. He had decided that He would come as an ordinary man, in order to feel struggle as an ordinary man, so He said, "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that issues from the mouth of Allaha." Every man and woman would have to face the same hardships and fight the same temptations of Satan.

Satan's next question was, "If you're the Son of Allaha jump from this parapet and the angels of Allaha would intercept you; you won't even injure your foot."

And Eashoa turned away from Satan without even a reply. Eashoa would like us also to turn away from Satan and the temptations of evil people.

Satan's third question was, "If you would only bow down to me, I'll give you all the riches of the world and their glory." Satan pointed to the glittering lights of civilization below.

Again Eashoa refused to heed Satan's warning, "It is written that you shall listen only to Allaha and to serve Him faithfully."

As Eashoa was quoting him the Scriptures -- to remind Satan that if he were going to quote Scriptures, then he should adhere to them himself -- He ignored him, He turned around and walked away from him. And Satan disappeared into the abyss that he came from.

We must also stay away from Satan's haunts, and remind evil people that we're not interested in their riches and glitter. What we want is what shines in heaven.

When Eashoa walked the earth, He took His Disciples on the path of righteousness. He taught them how to avoid the pitfalls of wealthy men, whose wealth was not earned honestly, men who were corrupt and prone to commit crime at every turn. He said, "Go to those people who love you for what you are, and shake the dust of your feet when you leave the houses of those who want to corrupt you with food and rewards."

We seek the rewards that Eashoa has in store for us. We might not be able to do as well as the original Disciples and Apostles, but we must try, we must run the course as best as we can, and leave the rest to Maryah, who will help us every step of the way.

April 18, 2016

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