Understanding Addiction

Addiction to alcohol or drugs is nearly impossible to break because the addict perceives giving up the drug the same as not breathing air or drinking water. The survival mechanism has been triggered when a person has reached the final addiction stage. This perception is in the subconscious mind; no amount of reasoning can change it. It's a waste of time talking about it. Psychological therapy is useless.

Why is the conscious mind helpless against the subconscious mind? Because the seat of the conscious mind is the neo-cortex and the seat of the subconscious mind is the reptilian complex and the two are narrowly connected and function nearly separately with respect to all the functions of the body, with the exception of the most primitive functions, such as eating and breathing.

We can go without breathing for a few minutes, depending on how long you can hold your breath. When addiction to alcohol and drugs reaches the stage of not being able to do without drugs to such a point, then you can't break addiction to that drug. The survival mechanism kicks in and you do whatever it takes to get the drug. You can do without water for a longer time. That's the same as being addicted to a lesser degree, but you still need to get your fix, the same as when you eventually have to drink water. Addiction occurs in stages. It mimics the survival mechanism. Notice the need to smoke with people that smoke a pack a day. It's like clockwork when they need to go out and smoke again. It's pathetic when you're not a smoker to watch them go through the denial. It's the same with drugs and alcohol.

Counter-conditioning is the only way to give up drugs and alcohol. It's a systematic process that will lead to your giving up drugs and alcohol. You need to work at it and you need to be committed, if you want to live a normal life.

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