A country must have a moral code that states what is right and what is wrong.

Democracy means that people get to decide what is the moral code. A people may choose the Bible as the moral code, or they may decide that the Qur'an is the moral code.

In the US, the courts used to ask everyone to swear on the Bible before giving testimony. Everyone swore on the Bible, including Jews (as they have the Old Testament part also); but the atheists are now the biggest segment of the population, and according to democratic principles, the majority gets to decide what is the moral code.

So what is the moral code of the United States? It must be the constitution. It's no longer the Bible. Whether they know it or not, everyone now treats the US Constitution as the moral code for all Americans. And the French also treat their Constitution as the moral code of France.

If drawing cartoons of the prophets is permissible by the constitutions of the western nations, then it's not against the law to ridicule any prophet, and of course the comedians have been ridiculing Jesus for a long time in America. But now we have Muslims living in the West as well, and according to their constitutions, moral codes and religions, it is not permissible to ridicule the prophets, and out of fairness to them it must be said that they don't ridicule the prophets of any religion publicly, at least not by drawing cartoons of them.

But now everyone is expected to defend 'freedom of speech' and the western democracies are clamoring for war against the Muslims on account of their intolerance toward the ridiculing of their prophet. Does the West have the right to go to war against the Muslims for this reason? What is the moral imperative that justifies this war?

So now the West is going to war to impose their constitutions' moral codes against the world. And when moral codes are decided democratically, there is no right and wrong; it's whatever the majority chooses to do, in other words whoever has the power.

The US was better when the Bible was the moral code.

January 15, 2015

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