Paul's Letter to Titus

Titus 1

1. Paul, the servant of Allaha and apostle of Eashoa Msheekha in the faith of Allaha's elect and in the knowledge of truth in submission to Allaha, 2. Regarding the Hope of everlasting life that the true Allaha instituted before the ages of the universe, 3. And revealed His Manifestation in due course* also through my preaching, that which I believe in by the command of our Life-giving Allaha 4. To Titus, true child of deep abiding faith -- grace and peace from our Father and Maryah Eashoa Msheekha, Our Life-giver. 

5. Because of that I left you in Crete, so that you may recruit those who suffered loss,* 6. But they should not be temperamental; they should be the husband of one woman, who do not have rebellious children that are totally lacking the [latent] devotion of the prodigal. 7. For the priest who is not temperamental is also caring, like a divine nurturer, and he or she should not be ill tempered and they should not drink excessively and they should not be in a hurry to strike someone and they should not be graceful toward contributions from evil people, 8. Except they should be merciful toward strangers and graceful toward good deeds, they should be polite and righteous, and they should be holy and rid themselves of lusts, 9. And they should do their very best regarding the knowledge of the Manifestation of Faith, so as they may be able to also uplift the hearts of others with the wholesome knowledge and [be in a position] to recover those who stray away. 10. For there are many who do not adhere [to the faith,] whose words are critical and they mislead the people's opinions, especially those of the circumcised, 11. Those whose duty it is to close their mouth, for they have demoralized many households, as they teach what is not Lawful for the sake of evil gain. 

12. One of their prophets said, “Cretians lie in every season, they are savages* and freeloaders*.” 13. And this is a true testimony,* therefore be tough in your admonitions on their behalf, so as they may recover their faith. 14. And so they will not revert to the outdated holocausts* of the Judeans, and the dictates* of humanity, those that hate the truth. 15. For everything that is pure is for the pure; however, to those who are inveterate unbelievers, there is nothing pure, except all their opinions and their very conscious is rotten. 16. And they confess that they know Allaha, however, with their actions they curse Him, and they are hateful, intolerant and degrading toward everyone who does good. 

Footnotes: *1:3 “His season.” -- *1:5 As a result of the persecutions of the Christian community. -- *1:12. 1 “Evil creatures,” or beasts. -- *1:12. 2 Figure of speech: “Idle stomachs,” loiterers, beggars, gougers, or moochers. -- *1:14. 1 Aramaic expression retained: “There's a grain of truth in this...” -- *1:14. 2 Figure of speech: “Commandments.”

Titus 2