Revelation chapter 15

    1. And I saw another miracle* in the sky, a great wonder, seven angels that possess the seven plagues*. Those last ones, for through them became fulfilled* God's ferment.
    2. And I saw like a sea of glass, mixed with fire, and those who were victorious over* that demon and over his image and over the number of his name, as they stood over the sea of glass, and they possessed the harps of God.
    3. And they sang the hymn* of Moses, that servant of God, and the hymn of the Lamb, as they declared,

            "Great and wondrous are your works,
            Lord God, the One and Only for all,
            Holy and true are your ways,
            King of the universe.
            4. "Who will not submit to you, Lord,
            ...and glorify your name?
            For you alone are immaculate and holy,
            ...because all the nations
            Shall come and worship before you,
   your blessings
            Become revealed."

    5. And after these I looked and there opened the temple of tabernacle* of testimony that is in heaven.
    6. And there emerged seven angels, those that possess the seven plagues from the temple, as they were given to wear immaculately clean robes, and they tied on their chest belts of gold.
    7. And one of the four life forms gave the seven angels seven chalices of gold that were filled from the ferment of God, who lives to [the end of] the universe of all the universes.
    8. And the temple was filled with the incense* of God's glory and his power, and no one* was able to depart the temple until they were fulfilled, those seven plagues of the seven angels.

    15:1*Lit. Ar. id.: "Sign."
    *Lit. Ar. id.: From the verb "to hit."
    *Lit. Ar. id.: "Adhered to."
    15:2*Lit. Ar. id.: "From."
    15:3*Lit. Ar. id.: "Glorified [with] the glorification."
    15:5*Lit. Ar. id.: "Home."
    *Lit. Ar. id.: "No human."

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