Testament of Matthew

Matthew 22

1. And again Jesus replied in parables and said,
2. "The Kingdom of heaven resembles the man who was king, that gave a banquet for his son.
3. "And he sent servants to call the guests to the banquet and they did not wish to come.
4. "And again he sent other servants and said, 'Tell the guests, my feast is sumptuous, and I have killed my bulls and my calves and everything is delicious, come to the banquet.'
5. "They, however, were not impressed* and went off, one to his field and the other to his business.
6. "The others then seized his servants and cursed them and killed them.
7. "As the king heard it, he became angry, and he sent his forces and annihilated the killers and burned their cities.

8. "Then he said to his servants, 'The banquet is sumptuous and those who were invited were not willing to partake in it.
9. " 'Go out thus to the open roads and whoever you find, call them to the banquet.'
10. "And those servants went out on the roads and gathered everyone, the evil and the righteous, and filled the banquet house with diners.
11. "And the king entered to see the diners and saw a man who was not wearing the clothes for a banquet.
12. "And he said to him, 'My friend, how did you get in here, as you do not have the garments for a banquet?' He kept quiet, however.
13. "Then the king said to the servants, 'Tie his hands and feet and eject him out into the dark desert.' There will be crying and gnashing of teeth.
14. "For many are called and few are chosen."

15. Then the Pharisees planned a conspiracy, how to entrap him with words.*
16. And they sent to him their disciples together with [members] of the house of Herod, and told him, "Educator, we know that you are sincere, and you earnestly teach the way of God, and you do not take sides against people,* for you do not take things at face value.*
17. "Tell us then, how do you see this? Should* we pay the head tax* to Caesar or not?"
18. Jesus, however, knew their evil [intentions] and said, "Why are you testing me?
19. "Show me the head tax* dinara." They handed him a dinara.
20. And Jesus said to them, "Whose image and writing is this?"
21. They said, "Caesar's" He told them, "Give then [what belongs] to Caesar to Caesar and [what belongs] to God to God."
22. And as they heard it, they were amazed, and they left him and went off.

23. On that day the Sadducees approached him and said to him, "No dead come back to life," and they asked him.
24. And they told him, "Educator, Moses told us that if a person* dies, without having children, his brother takes his wife in marriage and brings up offspring for his brother.
25. "We have, however, seven brothers. The first one married the woman and died and since they did not have children, he left his wife to his brother.
26. "Likewise, the second one also did the same, also the third one, until the seventh of them.
27. "Finally, after all of them, the woman died also.
28. "At the resurrection thus, whose wife would she be? For they all married her."
29. Jesus replied and told them, "You are searching since you do not know Scriptures, nor the power of God.
30. "For at the resurrection of the dead, nobody gets married, neither do women take on husbands, except they become like the angels of God in heaven.
31. "Regarding the resurrection of the dead, did you not read what was told to you by God, who declared:
32. "I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, and he was not the God of the dead, except of the Living."
33. And as the crowds heard it, they were amazed at his knowledge.

34. The Pharisees then, as they heard that he silenced the Sadducees, came together as one.
35. And one of them who knew the Law asked, so as to test him,
36. "Educator, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?"
37. Jesus then told him, "That you love* your Lord God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.
38. "This is the greatest and first commandment.
39. "And the second, that is like it, that you love your best friend* as yourself.
40. "By these two commandments hang the Bible and the Prophets."

41. Since the Pharisees were gathered, Jesus asked them,
42. And said, "What do you say about the Anointed One?* Whose son is he?" They said, "The son of David."
43. He told them, "And how then did David call him by the Spirit 'Lord'? For he said,
44. "That 'The Lord said to my Lord, sit from my right, while I set your enemies under your feet.'
45. "If thus David calls him 'Lord,' how could he be his son?"
46. And no human being was found who could give him an explanation, and no human being from that day on dared questioning him again.

*22:5 Lit. Ar. idiomatic figure of speech: "Is that all?"
*22:15 Lit. Ar. expression: "How to hunt him by manifestation."
*22:16.1 Lit. Ar. expression: "And not take aspect against the human [being.]"
*22:16.2 Lit. Ar. expression: "Set you by faces of the human being."
*22:17.1 Lit. Ar. idiomatic figure of speech: "Is it authorized."
*22:17.2 Lit. Ar. id.: "Currency."
*22:19 Lit. Ar. id.: "Currency."
*22:24 Lit. Ar. id.: "Human [being.]"
*22:37 Lit. Ar. idiomatic figure of speech: "Be compassionate to."
*22:39 Lit. Ar. idiomatic figure of speech: "Best Man."
*22:42 Lit. Aramaic name: "M'shee-khah," "The Messiah," or "Christ."

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