Malachi is a small scroll of the Scriptures; but it is very significant, because it is the last book of prophesy regarding the Coming of Eashoa Msheekhah (Jesus the Messiah) to the World. All the other Bibles distort the meaning of this last book that follows the Book of Zechariah the Prophet, who identified Eashoa (Jesus) by name. It is clear that the Western Churches have decided to keep the knowledge that the Jewish prophecies about Eashoa being the Messiah prophesied by the Scriptures were fulfilled within Judaism, because the Western Churches wanted to claim that Eashoa (Jesus) came for the Gentiles, and that only at the end of the World will the Jews come to recognize Eashoa (Jesus.) The Western Churches have done this so they can be in control of the Kingdom of God that they imagined was meant for them primarily. All the calamities that are happening today are as a result of this abomination that the Western Churches chose for themselves.

Sept. 28, 2010

Malachi Chapter 1
Malachi Chapter 2
Malachi Chapter 3
Malachi Chapter 4

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