Paul's First Letter to Timothy

Paul's Second Letter to Timothy

Paul's First Letter to Timothy deals with the subject of women priests and deacons. I was surprised to find this out myself. I've tried not to read ahead as I translate. This way I've kept my objectivity.

I've always translated the Ancient Aramaic word for "priest" as priest, unlike the Western Bibles that changed the word to "elders." I had not taken issue with "elders" even though in the Gospels we see there are many high priests, but no priests. This seemed strange until I got to this Letter of Paul. Paul writes about the requirements for priests or "elders," but then the word "elders" suddenly becomes "old men" and "old women" in verses 5:1 and 5:2. How does one ordain a young man like Timothy into being an "elder" if the word means "old man"? One cannot ordain a man into old age.

And the word for deacon is "assistant to the priest" or a helper in Ancient Aramaic, but in English a "deacon" is higher than an "elder," which doesn't make sense. However, in Ancient Aramaic "elder" is "priest" and is above the deacon. So the only explanation is that the Western Bibles were changed to cover up the role of women as far as the priesthood was concerned.

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