Jeremiah 49

Regarding the Ammonites.
1. Thus said the Lord, "Does Israel have no sons, or does he not have heirs? For why does Malcolm inherit Gad and his people settle in its town?"
2. "Because of that, behold, there shall come days," said the Lord, "and the sound of war will be heard by Rabbath of the sons of Ammon, and it shall be that the sword shall come against her and those who curse her shall burn her with fire."
"And Israel shall inherit his heirs," said the Lord.
3. "Khishbun shall wail because Ai has been broken; within it the cursers of Rabbath shall put on sackcloth, writhe, and fight among themselves, because Malcolm is going into captivity, together with his monks and noblemen," said the Lord.
4. "Why do you glorify yourself in your depths and trust in your provisions, O beloved daughter? Who measures her dowry and asks, 'Who comes up to me?'*
5. "Behold, I shall bring upon you fear, from all your surroundings," said the Almighty Lord, "and I shall scatter everyone to her side and no one will be able to sweep away the scattered.
6. "And afterwards I shall return the captives of Ammon," said the Lord.
Regarding Edom
7. Thus said the Almighty Lord, "There is no more wisdom left in the South,* the kingdom has perished due* to foolishness; their wisdom has been taken way."
8. "They fled and turned around and went deep to settle, the inhabitants of Daran, because the ruin* of Esau I shall bring upon them, the season of his commandment," said the Lord.
9. "If the pluckers* came upon you, they would not leave gleanings; and if thieves by night, they would [go] berserk* until they were satisfied.
10. "For I will strip* Esau and reveal his unraveling, and he shall hide and not be found, and his offspring shall be scattered, and his brothers and his neighbors shall be gone.
11. "Leave your orphans [to me,] I shall give them Life; and your widows, [let their] reliance be on me."
12. For thus said the Lord, "Behold, those who did not feel blessed* to drink the cup, they shall drink it; and you that expected to be victorious, shall not be victorious, except you too shall drink the cup."
13. "Because through me the oath was taken," said the Lord, "Bossar shall become [an object] of wonderment, ruination, plunder,* and curses; and all its towns shall [end up] as ruins to the end of the universe."
14. A name has been heard before the Lord and a representation has been sent to the nations, "Rise and go up against her for battle."
15. "For, behold, I gave you [to be] small among nations and ill-mannered among humanity.
16. "You were lost [on account] of your abomination and the arrogance of your heart, who settled in the declivity of sheer rock, [perched] alone in the highest of heights and said in his heart, 'Who can bring me down to earth?' If you consecrate your nest in the stars or if you raise your nest [high] like the eagle's nest, from there I shall bring you down," said the Lord.
17. "Edom shall become a ruin and whoever enters it shall be amazed and whistle over all its devastation.
18. "And he shall turn away from her, the way God turned away from Sodom and Gomorrah," said the Lord. "No man shall settle there and no human being shall live there.
19. "Behold, like a lion I shall emerge from the thicket of the river Jordan and come up to their abodes and quickly I shall scatter them from there, and I shall place the young warriors over her, for who is like me? Or who can witness about me? Or who is the shepherd that can stand before me?"
20. Therefore, listen to the advice of the Lord, that which he advised regarding Edom, and his thoughts that he thought over the inhabitant of the South, whereto the least of the flocks shall be dragged and wherein their own abodes shall be their traps.
21. From the sound of their fall the earth shook; the [second of] her wailing was heard from the Sea of Soop.
22. Behold, like an eagle soars and descends [on its prey,] spreading its wings over Boussar; the hearts of Edom's giants shall be on that Day like the heart of a woman in the throes of childbirth.
Regarding Damascus.
23. Khamath and Rappad [were put to] shame, for they heard evil news and were broken, like the fear at sea where no rest can be found.
24. Damascus has [lost its grip;] it has turned back to flee, and the shivers have taken her over, consternation and throes [of pain] have seized her [like a woman about] to give birth.
25. Whereas the city of glorification was not forgiven [and was not allowed to become] a city of joy.
26. Because of that the young warriors shall charge down her streets* and all her men of war shall keep quiet.
27. "On that Day," said the Almighty Lord, "I shall allow the fire in the streets of Damascus to devour the palaces of Bar Haddad."
28. Regarding Qatar and the kings of Khassur, that Nebuchadnasser, King of Babylon, killed, thus said the Lord: Rise and go up against Qatar and plunder the Easterners.
29. "Take their homes and their herds, their possessions and all their vessels; fetch their camels, dig up around them streams of water.*
30. "The fled, jumped off, and settled deep down, those inhabitants of Khassur," said the Lord, "because Nebuchadnasser, King of Babylon, placed a ruler* over them, for he had a suspicion regarding them, saying,
31. "They rose up and ascended against a righteous nation that sat in peace," said the Lord, "[a nation] that did not lock its doors against Him, and [a nation] that sat alone."
32. "And their camels shall be carried off as booty and the majority of their cattle shall be fetched, and I shall cast them with all their soul among those that share their fate, and from all their actions they shall receive their ruin,"* said the Lord.
33. And Khassur shall become the abode of jackals and a ruin to [the end of] the universe; no man shall settle there, nor any human being.
Regarding Elam
34. The oracle of the Lord that came over the Prophet Jeremiah to prophesy over Elam at the beginning* of the kingship of Sidqaiah* King of Judea.
35. Thus said the Almighty Lord, "Behold, I shall break the bow of Elam on the head of their giants."
36. "And there shall come over Elam the Four Spirits from the four corners of heaven and I shall scatter them among all these spirits and there will be no nation where these scattered of Elam shall be.
37. "And I shall break Elam before their enemies and before those that want their souls, and there evil shall befall them, the wrath of my anger," said the Lord, "and I shall send the sword through them until I reduce* them."
38. "And I shall cast a throne into Elam and get rid of the kings and rulers from there," said the Lord.
39. "And in the Final Days, I shall return the captives of Elam," said the Lord.

*49 NB! Lit. Aramaic: "Sons of Ammon."
*49:4 Lit. Ar. id. retained: "Who dares ask for my hand?"
*49:7.1 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "No again wisdom in Tieman."
*49:7.2 Lit. Ar. id.: "From."
*49:8 Lit. Ar. id.: "Breaking."
*49:9.1 Lit. Ar. idiom retained: "Grape pickers" or "plunderers."
*49:9.2 Lit. Ar. id.: "Go crazy."
*49:10 Lit. Ar. id.: "Simplify."
*49:12 NB! Ironic.
*49:13 Lit. Ar. id.: "Harvest."
*49:26 Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression: "Shall fall in her streets."
*49:29 Lit. Ar. idiom retained: "Flood their city with water."
*49:32 Lit. Ar. id.: "Brokenness."
*49:34 Lit. Aramaic name retained: "Zedekiah."
*49:37 Lit. Ar. id.: Or: "Discipline them."

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