Jeremiah 45

1. The oracle that Jeremiah uttered regarding Baruch son of Neriyah, according to the oracles written in the Scriptures from the mouth of Jeremiah, in the fourth year of Jehoiakim son of Josiah* king of Judea, to say,
2. Thus said the Almighty Lord God of Israel regarding you, Baruch.
3. You said, "Woe, the Lord has increased the bedevilment upon my wounds; I lament through my sighs but* I do not find rest."
4. This is what he said to him, this is what the Lord said, "Behold, that which you built I shall destroy and whatever you plant I shall uproot, and I shall destroy all the earth.
5. "But you that want riches* but* did not wish that I should benefit from you, [and] because of it, behold, I shall bring evil upon all flesh," said the Lord, "and your lot shall be that your soul will live in captivity in whatever country you go to live in."

*45:1 Lit. Ar. id.: "Youshiah."
*45:3 Lit. Ar. id.: "And."
*45:5.1 Lit. Ar. id.: Or: "greatness."
*45:5.2 Lit. Ar. id.: "And."

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