Jeremiah 40

1. This was the manifestation that was upon Jeremiah from the Lord,* after Nebuzardan, chief of the horsemen, send him from Ramtha, when he fetched him as a prisoner in chains, out of all the captives of Jerusalem and Judea that were carried off to Babylon.
2. And the chief of the horsemen fetched Jeremiah and said to him, "Your Lord God said that this evil was to befall this country.
3. "And the Lord came and did as he said, on account that you sinned against the Lord, and you did not hear his voice, that this manifestation came upon you.
4. "You, however, behold, as of this day I untie your chains that are on your hands; if you wish to come with me to Babylon, come, and my eye shall be on you; but if you do not wish to come with me to Babylon, say, behold, the entire country lies before you, wherever looks good to your eyes or wherever looks beautiful to your eyes, go there."
5. And he said to him, "If you wish* to remain among the people with Gedlaiah, son of Akhiqam son of Shapan, to whom King Nebuchadnasser gave the authority to be in charge of the cities of Judea, or wherever it seems beautiful in your eyes [so be it.]"
6. And Jeremiah came to Gedlaiah son of Akhiqam son of Shapan and stayed with him at Msapiah* and among the people that remained in the land.
7. And the generals in all the cities heard [of it,] and together with the men with them, that the King of Babylon had given the authority in the land to Gedlaiah son of Akhiqam, and that all the men, women and children had accepted* him, together with all the poor people in the land who had not been taken to Babylon.
8. And there came to Gedlaiah at Msapiah, Ishmael son of Natnaiah, Yohanan and Yonathan sons of Qoorakh, Sharyeh son of Tinhkoomat, and the sons of Eipie who are from Htoopath, and Yaznaiah son of Ma'chath -- [all of them together] with their men.
9. And Gedlaiah, son of Akhiqam son of Shapan, swore to them and to the men with them, and said, "Do not be afraid to work for the Chaldeans; stay in the land and work for the King of Babylon and it will be good for you.
10. "And I, behold, shall stay at Msapiah to stand before the Chaldeans who came against us, and you take care of the grains, wine and oil, and the summer produce, and cast them into your cellars, and sit in the cities that you have taken."
11. And thus when all the Judeans were in Edom and those* of Moab and those of Ammon, and in all the lands, heard that the King of Babylon allowed the rest of the Judeans [to remain,] and that he had authorized Gedlaiah son of Akhiqam son of Shapan,
12. All the Judeans came back from all the countries where they had scattered, and they came back to the land of Judah to Gedlaiah at Msapiah, and they made a lot of wine and gathered much harvest of the summer.
13. Then* Yohanan son of Qoorakh and all the generals in the cities came to Gedlaiah in Msapiah,
14. And they said to him, "Do you not know that Baleyus king of Ammon has sent Ishmael son of Natnaiah to kill you?" But Gedlaiah son of Akhiqam did not believe them.
15. Then* Yohanan* son of Qoorahk said to Gedlaiah secretly at Msapiah, "Let me go and kill Ishmael son of Ntaniah, no man will know, lest he should kill you, then all the Children of Judah* who have gathered around* you shall be scattered, and the rest of the Judeans shall disappear."*
16. However, Gedlaiah son of Akhiqam said to Yohanan son of Qoorakh, "Do not carry out this plot because they are all lies that have been spoken regarding Ishmael."

*40:1 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "The oracle was over Jeremiah from before the Lord:"
*40:5 Lit. Ar. id.: "Again."
*40:6 Lit. Aramaic word retained: "Mizpaph."
*40:7 Lit. Ar. id.: "Surrendered to him."
*40:13 Lit. Ar. id.: "And."
*40:15.1 Lit. Ar. id.: "And."
*40:15.2 Lit. Aramaic name: "John."
*40:15.3 Lit. Ar. id.: also: "Jewish nation."
*40:15.4 Lit. Ar. id.: "To you."
*40:15.5 Lit. Ar. id.: "Oblivionate."
*40:16 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "Do not do this manifestation because lies have been spoken against Ishmael."

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