Isaiah 8

1. And Maryah said,
"Take for yourself a great cuneiform cylinder
and inscribe upon it in the writing of human beings
that which was destined*
and that which was to be taken as booty.
2. "And let the faithful witnesses testify regarding me,
the high priest Urriah and Zachariah
the son of Barachiah.
3. "And the prophetess shall make an offering,
become pregnant and give birth to a son,
and his name shall be called The Hastened Destiny,*
and The Recorder of Booty.*
4. "Because before the child knows
how to call to his father and mother,
the cattle of Damascus
and the spoils of Samaria
shall be carried off before the King of Ashur."
5. And Maryah added, saying to me,
6. "This people denigrated
the quietly flowing waters of Shiloah,
and were overjoyed by Rezin
and the son of Remaliah."
7. That is why Maryah shall raise upon them
the waters of the rivers in great volume
and the power of the King of Ashur,
commensurate with all his dignity;
he shall climb over all their ramparts
and he shall walk over all their walls.
8. And he shall enter Judea,
uproot* it and move on;
he shall reach to the upper breast of the land,*
and the expanse of his wings
shall fill the breath* of your land -- Emanuel.*
9. The nations were shaken and went to pieces,
all the distant lands heard about it;
they were oppressed and broken;
they formed a council but it was thwarted.*
10. They spoke of the Manifestation,
but they did not abide by Emanuel.*
11. This is what Maryah commanded me,
as he took me by the hand
and pushed me forward,
so as I may not walk in the path of this people;
12. And he said, "Do not call someone brave,
the way this people call someone brave;*
and do not fear that which they fear and be shaken.
13. "To the Almighty Maryah give your blessings,
express your fears
and let your reliance be.
14. "He is to be hallowed,
yet he becomes the stone of persecution
and the stumbling block,*
to both houses of Israel,
to hide and to hunt the inhabitants of Jerusalem."
15. And many shall stumble upon him,
they shall fall and be shattered,
and they shall be snared and seized,
16. Therefore, swear by the testimony
and conclude the Law.
17. And in my teachings I shall praise Maryah,
who has turned his face from the House of Jacob,
so as he may [once again] sanctify them.
18. Behold, I and the children that Maryah gave me,
as a sign and wonder for Israel,
before the Almighty Maryah
rested upon the Mountain of Zion.
19. And when they tell you to ask
the necromancers and the mediums,
who go into trance and mumble --
these are not Allaha's people,
they that ask the dead about the living.
20. However, for the Law and the testimony,
that do not conjure* up such manifestations,
no one shows a token of appreciation.*
21. And when he passes through it,
he shall harden it,
and then he hungers,
and when he hungers he will be angered,
then he shall redress the kings and the allaheh* [of this world,]
and then he shall return to above
22. And gaze upon the earth,
where there will be persecution and darkness,
consternation and overwhelming gloom,
because he shall not punish
those whom he rebukes
like the times of old.*

*8:1 Lit. Ar. id.: "Laid out," or "planned."
*8:2 Lit. Aramaic: "Msarhiw-sheba."
*8:3 Lit. Aramaic: "Inscriber," or: the recorder of the spoils of war.
*8:8.1 Lit. Ar. id.: "Scrape."
*8:8.2 Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression: "Reach the neck."
*8:8.3 Lit. Ar. id.: "Face."
*8:8.4 Note: This image describes the Manifestation of the Son of Allaha through the symbol of Ashur.
*8:9 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "They counseled the council and it was cancelled."
*8:10 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "But it did not stand because of Emanuel." Note: the prophesy regarding Jesus would be fulfilled in the future; however, it was written of in the past tense!
*8:12 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "Do not say brave as this people say brave."
*8:14 Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression: "Sheer rock of stumbling."
*8:19.1 Lit. Ar. id.: "Command."
*8:19.2 Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression: "There is no giving bribe." Or: they don't pay attention to them.
*8:21 NB! The word 'allaheh' was still used at the time of Isaiah; however, any reference to  'Allaha' was retired by Maran Eashoa Msheekha's scribes of the New Testament, and the word 'allaheh' was never to be used again.
*8:22. Note on racism against the Ashurai. These last verses have been removed from the Western translations and placed in later chapters. In the case of the Catholic Bible, the New American Bible, a few of the verses have been moved to chapter 14; they've been used as an invective against the King of Ashur. More on this subject.

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