Isaiah 65

1. "I longed for those who did not ask for me,
and I found those who did not seek me out;
I said, 'Behold, it is I, behold, it is I,' to a people that did not call on my name.
2. "All day long I extended my hand to a nation that does not adhere,
[a people] who walk after their own predilections,
according to a path that is not beautiful.
3. "A people that constantly anger me,
who perform sacrifices in gardens,
who consecrate incense on bricks,
4. "And they sit among the graves and make their homes,
and they eat the flesh of pigs,
and defile their plates with carcasses,
5. "And they say, 'Stop there, do not come near me,
because I am sanctifying' --
these represent the smoke of my wrath
and the fire of burnt-offerings everyday.
6. "Behold, it has been written before me
that I will not quit until I repay them with a double portion to their breasts.
7. "Their sins and the sins of their ancestors,
I shall take them together," said Maryah,*
"as they consecrated incense on mountains and criticized me --
I shall measure out their works beforehand on to their bosom."
8. Thus said Maryah,*
"As a cluster [of grapes] is found by itself,*
and a man says to his friends,
'Do not disturb* it, because there are blessings in it,'
likewise shall I do on behalf of my servants,
I shall not pluck them all.
9. "And I shall bring out an offshoot from Jacob,
and from Judah an inheritor of my mountain,
and my servants shall live there.
10. "And Sharrona* shall become home of the herds,
and the valley of Achor [shall become] the pasture of the flocks that seek me.
11. "And those of you who have abandoned Maryah*
shall yet* search for his holy mountain,
and load up the tables with defiled meat,
and mix them goblets [with savory drinks,]
12. "I shall subject you to the sword
and all of you shall succumb to death,
on account of when I called you, you did not listen,
and when I spoke, you did not hear,
and you did that which is evil before me,
and chose that which I was not pleased with."
13. Because of that, thus said Maryah Allaha,*
"Behold, my servants eat and you hunger;
behold, my servants drink and you thirst;
behold, my servants rejoice and you cry.
14. "Behold, my servants shall be the goodness of their heart
and you shall be crying* out of the pain of your heart
and the brokenness of your spirit."
15. And you shall leave your name as oaths for my elect,
and Maryah Allahukh* shall deaden you,
and He shall call His servants by a different name.
16. "Whoever is blessed on earth, shall be truly blessed by Allaha,*
and whoever swears by the earth shall be truly swearing by Allaha,*
because the old torments will have disappeared
and they will have been hidden from before me.
17. "Because, behold, I shall create a new heaven and a new earth,
and the first ones shall not be remembered,
nor shall they rise into [one's] heart;
18. "Except they shall be glad and celebrate forever and ever*
[in the universe] that I create,
because, behold, I shall create happiness for Jerusalem
and I shall be glad in her.
19. "And I shall be happy with Jerusalem
and I shall be glad with my people,
and the sound of crying shall not be heard again,
nor the sound of wailing.
20. "And again there will not be there a child of [only a few] days,
nor an old man who does not complete his days,
because the child shall die after a hundred years,
and the one who sins shall be cursed after a hundred years.
21. "And they shall build houses and settle in,
and they shall plant vineyards and eat their fruit.
22. "They will not build for* others to occupy,
nor plant for* others to eat,
because the days of my people are like the days of trees,
and my elect shall eat of the work of their own hands.
23. "They do not nurture in vain,
nor do they give birth for a curse,
because they are blessed offspring of Maryah,*
they and their children with them.
24. "And when they call, I shall answer them,
and when they speak, I shall hear them.
25. "The wolf and the ram shall graze together,
and the lion shall eat hay like the bull,
and the dust shall be the serpent's bread;
no one shall be harmed nor ruined in all my holy mountain," said Maryah.*

*65:7 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord." Reference is to Eashoa the Messiah.
*65:8.1 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord." Reference is to Eashoa the Messiah.
*65:8.2 Lit. Ar. id.: "Uniquely."
*65:8.3 Lit. Ar. id.: Or: "Pluck it."
*65:10 Lit. Aramaic retained: "Sharon."
*65:11.1 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord."
*65:11.2 Lit. Ar. id.: "And."
*65:13 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord God." Reference is to Eashoa the Messiah.
*65:14 Lit. Ar. id.: "Appealing."
*65:15 Lit. Aramaic retained: "Your Lord God." Reference is to Eashoa the Messiah.
*65:16.1-2 Lit. Aramaic retained: "God." Reference is to Eashoa the Messiah.
*65:18 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "Except they shall be happy and joyous to [the end of] the universe [of all] the universes that I created."
*65:22.1-2 Lit. Ar. id.: "And."
*65:23 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord." Reference is to Eashoa the Messiah.
*65:25 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord." Reference is to Eashoa the Messiah.

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