Isaiah 29

1. Woe, [to you,] Ariel, Ariel,* the city where David encamped;*
you have become larger and larger;
you have celebrated [many] feasts.
2. And consternation shall [befall] Ariel
and there shall be murmuring and lamentation,
and it shall become like an Ariel.*
3. And they shall encamp against you like a circle,
and squeeze you with ramparts,
and raise against you a vigil.
4. And you shall be humbled,
and you shall speak from the earth,
and your words shall twitter from the dust,
and your voice shall be heard from the earth as that of a soothsayer,
and your words shall [sound like crickets] from the dust.
5. And they shall be like fine sand,
the number of your tramplers,
and like dust particles the multitude of your oppressors,
and they shall come from the calm suddenly.
6. From before the Almighty Maryah* it shall be commanded
with earthquakes, thunder and great noise,
and with fires and hurricanes
and with all consuming flames of fire.*
7. And it shall be like a dream, a vision seen in the night,
the multitude of all the nations that exert their power upon Zion,
and all the powers and throngs that oppress her.
8. And it shall be like the hungry who sees in his dream that he is eating,
and when he awakens he is famished and his soul is empty,
and like the thirsty who sees in his dream that he is drinking,
and when he awakens he is [dying of] thirst and his soul is empty,
thus shall be the great majority of all the nations
who exert their power upon the mountain of Zion.
9. They shall be amazed and they shall wonder,
and they shall be confused and bleary [eyed,]
drunk not from wine and lost not from liquor.
10. Because Maryah* shall consecrate upon them a sinking spirit,
and it shall weigh in on their eyes and over their prophets,
and upon their heads, those that see the hidden.*
11. And it shall become among them a vision* for all,
like the words of a Scripture that has been sealed,
that when they give it to someone who knows the Scriptures,
saying to him, "Read this,"
and he says, "I cannot, because it is sealed."
12. And they shall give the Scripture to someone who does not know the Scriptures,
and they shall say to him, "Read this,"
and he shall say, "I do not know the Scriptures."
13. And Maryah* shall say, "This people make offerings and honor me with their lips,
but their heart distances itself from me,
and their submission to me is through the commandments and the knowledge of men.
14. "Because of that, behold, I shall augment the selectivity of this people through wonder and awe,
and the wisdom of their wise men shall perish
and the learning of their learned men shall [be fraught] with deception.
15. Woe to those who pervert the teachings of Maryah* in justifying wrongful behavior,*
and their words are [carried out] in the dark,
and they say, "Who sees us?" or "who knows what we rebelled against?
16. "Like the idol maker's clay, you may have had pretensions --
why does the idol say to its maker, 'Do not make me.'
And does the mold say to its former, 'You did not make me well enough'?"
17. Behold, the little island is still small,
and Lebanon shall turn into a vineyard,
and the vineyard shall be thought of as a forest.
18. And on that Day the mute shall hear the words of the Scripture,
and out of the darkness and the gloom, the eyes of the blind shall see.
19. And the gentle in Maryah* shall be augmented in joy
and the unfortunate people shall rejoice through the Holy One of Israel.
20. Because the oppressor* shall pass,
and the ridiculer shall cease,
and all those who stir up abomination shall disappear.
21. And they sinned against the man through manifestation,
and [the one] who covered it up, they consecrated as a stumbling block,
and in the dark they prayed for the righteous.
22. Because of that, Maryah* said regarding the House of Jacob,
which was to become the salvation of Abraham,*
"Jacob shall not be ashamed as of now,
nor shall [his children] cover their faces* henceforth.
23. "When his children see the work of my hands,
in him they shall hallow my name,
and they shall hallow the Holy One of Jacob
and worship* the Allaha* of Israel.
24. "And the foolish shall [come to] know,
those whose spirit was lost,
and those who misbehaved shall learn to listen."

*29:1.1 Lit. Aramaic name of city: "A small lion."
*29:1.2 Lit. Ar. id.: Or: "Visited."
*29:2 Lit. Aramaic retained: Also: "Leper." (Same spelling as "lion's cub" in Aramaic)
*29:6 Lit. Ar. id.: "The flames of burning."
*29:10.1 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord." Reference is to Eashoa (Jesus) the Messiah.
*29:10.2 Lit. Ar. id.: "Hiddens."
*29:11 Lit. Ar. id.: "Something imaginary."
*29:13 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord." Reference is to Eashoa (Jesus) the Messiah.
*29:15.1 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord." Reference is to Eashoa (Jesus) the Messiah.
*29:15.2 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "Woe to those who pervert from Maryah to misconduct the counsel."
*29:19 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord." Reference is to Eashoa (Jesus) the Messiah.
*29:20 Lit. Ar. id.: "Trampler."
*29:22.1 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord." Reference is to Eashoa (Jesus) the Messiah.
*29:22.2 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "That saved Abraham."
*29:22.3 Lit. Ar. id.: "Live without shame."
*29:23.1 Lit. Ar. id.: "Magnify."
*29:23.2 Lit. Aramaic word retained: "God."

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