Isaiah 23

1. The Fall of Tyre.*
The sail ships of Tarshish lament,
because goods have been plundered from the house;
and from the country of Kittim*
it has been revealed to us.
2. The inhabitants of the island are quiet,
the merchandize of Sidon that crosses the ocean [has ceased.]
3. Your abundance over many waters,
the seed of commerce, the harvest of rivers --
they were the commerce of nations.
4. Sidon is dismayed, because the sea and its depth have said,
"We are not going into labor, nor give birth;
neither raise young boys, nor bring up virgins.
5. When it is heard of in Missrin,* the labor pains shall overtake them,
as they shall also hear in Tyre.*
6. As they cross over to Tarshish,
the inhabitants of the islands shall wail.
7. This is your* mighty [city] from the early days;
before her shall go her feet, so as to live afar.
8. Who crowned Tyre with these wreaths;
whose merchants were magnificent
and her home base* was the most honored of the earth?
9. The Almighty Maryah* shall do counsel,
such that the glory of every power shall be voided,
and all the honored of the earth shall be accursed.
10. Cross over into your land, O daughter of Tarshish,
never again shall He distance himself from you.
11. He shall raise his hand over the sea and threaten* the kingdoms;
Maryah* shall [bring to bear] his command against Canaan, to annihilate her,
12. And He said, "Never again shall you grow to become powerful,
O oppressed virgin of Sidon;
rise up and cross over to the land of Kittim,*
and there also you shall not rest."
13. Behold, the land of the Chaldeans
-- these are those people who are not Ashurayeh --
the servants of the spirits;*
and they raised spies* who spied on her castle
and made her into a ruin.

*23:1.1 Lit. Aramaic: "Çoor."
*23:1.2 Lit. Aramaic retained: "Cathay." Reference to China.
*23:5.1 Lit. Aramaic retained: "Egypt."
*23:5.2 Lit. Aramaic: "Çoor."
*23:7 NB! Feminine gender.
*23:8 Lit. Aramaic: "Her Canaanites," "Her goal setters," or "her funders." NB! The name Canaan comes from this word ("Kin-un." In this verse, "kin-un-neeha," or "her financiers.") the land of Canaan was the home of merchants and business, perhaps due to it location in the Mediterranean.
*23:9 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord." Reference is to Eashoa (Jesus) the Messiah.
*23:11.1 Lit. Ar. id.: "Shake."
*23:11.2 Lit. Aramaic: "The Lord." Reference is to Eashoa (Jesus) the Messiah.
*23:12 Lit. Aramaic retained: "Cathay."
*23:13.1 NB! Grammatical construction. Reference is to the Chaldeans, not the Ashurai.
*23:13.2 Lit. Ar. id.: "Investigators."

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