Isaiah 22

1. The Fall of the Gorge of Khizyun.*
What is it with you, that you* have all gone to the rooftops?
2. The city is filled with violence,
the mighty city is full of noise,
your killed ones were not killed by the saber,
nor were they killed by the sword.
3. All your* rulers* have bolted as one,
they were bound by the bow,
and they were [the ones] who had remained in you* together,
and they fled to a distant [land.]
4. Because of that I said, "Let me murmur in my tears,*
and do not restrain my concern over the brokenness of my nation's daughter."
5. Because [this shall be] the Day of violence,
trampling and weeping, to the Almighty Maryah Allaha* in the Gorge of Khizyun;
[they shall] examine the walls and implore upon the mountains.
6. And Elam took up the fire throwers, with warriors mounted on steeds,
and the walls revealed their stoppers.
7. And the best of your depths shall be fitted with chariots,
and the soldiers shall be posted at the gates.
8. and Judah shall reveal the agenda,
and on that Day the weapon of the House of Abbah* shall be seen.
9. And the breaches of David's city -- you have seen, are many --
and you shall gather the waters of the lake underneath.
10. And you shall fill the houses of Jerusalem,
and you shall dig up the houses so as to fortify the wall.
11. And you shall make reservoirs between the wall of the waters of the old lake,
and you shall not look at its maker, and its builder you did not see from afar.
12. And the Almighty Maryah Allaha* called [on them] in that Day,
to weep, to writhe, and to [shave their heads,]
and to gird themselves in sackcloth.
13. Behold, there was gladness and joy,
the slaughtering of bulls and the slaughtering of sheep,
and the eating of meats and the drinking of wine --
"we shall eat and drink because later we shall die."
14. It was revealed into my ears by Maryah* the Almighty,
and He said to me, "This sin shall give you satisfaction until you are dead."
[This is what] the Almighty Maryah Allaha* said.
15. Thus said the Almighty Maryah Allaha,*
"Go to this helm, to Shevna the nurturer,* and tell her.
16. "'Why have you done this,
and what do you have here, that you dug out for yourself this grave,
and you have dug up in the highland her grave
and marked in stone her resting place?'"
17. Behold, O man, Maryah* shall utterly cast* you [away]
and utterly [lose sight]* of you.
18. He shall torment* you like the torment* of a vicious circle,
in a land with wide regions; there you shall die,
and there your glorious chariot shall be the curse of your master's house.
19. He shall terminate your glory and overthrow your covenant.
20. "And it shall be on that Day," said Maryah,*
"that I shall call Eliakim son of Hilkaia,
21. "And I shall clothe him in your robe
and bind him in [exactly the same fashion,]
and I shall give your authority into his hands,
and he shall become a father to Jerusalem
and the men of the House of Judah.
22. "And the days of the House of David shall be consecrated upon his shoulders,
and he shall open and there will be none to close it,
and he shall close it and none can open it.
23. "And I shall knock him in as the foundation stake* in a faithful country,
and he shall be the glorious throne of his father's house.
24. "And they shall hang upon him all the honor of the house of his father,
the glorified and the exalted, and all the small vessels,
from the vessels for singing to the vessels for the harp [players.]"
25. On that Day, the Almighty Maryah* shall say,
"The [foundation] stake shall be dug up from the faithful country;
it shall be overthrown and fall,
and the fall that was consecrated upon it shall pass,
because Maryah* has spoken."

*22:1.1 Lit. Aramaic retained: "Sifting sands." (Reference to "Desert Dwellers.")
*22:1.2 NB! Feminine gender.
*22:3.1 NB! Feminine gender.
*22:3.2 Lit. Ar. id.: "Princes," "noblemen" or "authorities."
*22:3.3 NB! Feminine gender.
*22:4 Lit. Ar. id.: "Crying."
*22:5 Lit. Aramaic retained: "Lord God."
*22:8 Lit. Ar. id.: "Forest."
*22:12 Lit. Aramaic retained: "Lord God."
*22:14.1 Lit. Aramaic retained: "Lord." Reference is to Eashoa (Jesus) the Messiah.
*22:14.2 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord God." Reference is to Eashoa (Jesus) the Messiah.
*22:15.1 Lit. Aramaic retained: "Lord God." Reference is to both Eashoa (Jesus) the Messiah and the Father.
*22:15.2 Lit. Ar. id.: Or: "Master." (Feminine Gender."
*22:17.1 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord." Reference is to Eashoa (Jesus) the Messiah.
*22:17.2 Lit. Ar. id.: "Castingly cast."
*22:17.3 Lit. Ar. id.: "To wanderingly wander."
*22:20 Lit. Aramaic retained. "The Lord." Reference is to Eashoa (Jesus) the Messiah.
*22:23 NB! Nail-shaped boundary stone.
*22:25.1 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord." Reference is to Eashoa (Jesus) the Messiah.
*22:25.2 Lit. Aramaic retained: "The Lord." Reference is to Eashoa (Jesus) the Messiah.

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