Book of Exodus (Liberation)

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The Book of Exodus should have been called "Liberation," because that is what God did for the Israelites, He liberated them from slavery. Again, this Book has been translated from the Ancient Aramaic original sources. There are footnotes.

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Exodus should have really been translated as "Liberation," because that is what the word means in the original Hebrew-Aramaic language: "Map-qa-nah". Exodus implies that the Children of Israel were ousted, when in fact they were liberated by the Lord, to become a nation that would serve his purpose, and they did serve his purpose.

Old Note: I am now back to translating the Book of Exodus. I had stopped translating it after I completed Chapter 21, but now I see the need to return to it. I had begun translating the Book of Isaiah because I wished to translate more about the coming of the Messiah; however, recent events in the US Justice System made me realize the importance of the laws that were given to Moses and the Ten Commandments.

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