Revelation chapter 21

    1. And I saw the new heaven and the new earth. For that first heaven, and the first earth went [away], and there was no sea again.
    2. And I saw the holy city New Jerusalem as it came down from Allaha, as pleasing as a rightful wife for her husband.
    3. And I heard a great voice from heaven, saying,

            "Behold, the home of Allaha
            ...with human beings,
            And his dwelling*
            ...with them!
            They shall be his people,
            ...and the Allaha with them,
            Shall be their Allaha.
            4. "And he shall wipe every tear
            ...from their eyes,
            And death will no longer exist,
   mourning or crying.
            And there will no longer be
            ...any wounds*,
            For the first [order of things]
            ...will have passed."
            5. And there said the one
            ...who sat on the throne,
            "And, behold, I am
            ...renewing everything!"
            And he said to me,
            "Write, for these manifestations
            ...are the faith and the truth of Allaha."
            6. And he said to me,
            "I have accomplished
            ...the Alap and the Tau*,
            The start and the conclusion.*
            To those* who thirst
            I shall give freely
            ...of the spring of Living Waters*.
            7. "Those* who are victorious,
            ...shall inherit these,
            And I shall be their Allaha
            ...and they shall be my child.
            8. "As for the traitors*
            ...and the unfaithful,
            And sinners and the corrupt,
            And the killers and the fornicators,
            And the witches and the idol makers*,
            And all the liars--their portion
   in the sea that burns
            With fire and brimstone,
            which is that final* death."

    9. And there came one of the seven angels, those who have the seven chalices, those that were filled with the last seven plagues, and he spoke to me, as he said, "Come, let me show you the bride, the wife of that Lamb."
    10. And he took me in spirit to a great and high mountain, and he showed me that great city Jerusalem, as it came down from heaven, from Allaha.
    11. That which has the glory of Allaha, like the radiance of a gem, that resembles a great precious stone, like Jasper and like a crystal,*
    12. [The city] has a great, tall wall, that has twelve gates, and the names that are written on them, are the names of the twelve tribes of Israel.
    13. From the east, three gates; and from the north, three gates; and from the south, three gates; and from the west, three gates.
    14. And on the wall of the city, that has twelve foundations, and on them [are written] the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.
    15. And the one who spoke with me, had a measuring reed of gold, so that he would measure the city and its gates and its walls.
    16. And the city was laid out* foursquare, and its length as its width, and he measured the city with the reed, over the twelve furlongs of twelve thousand, and its length and its width and its height were the same.
    17. And he measured its wall, one hundred and forty-four measures of human right arms, which is the same as the angel's.
    18. And the material* of its wall [was] Jasper. And that city of pure gold, like a gem, [was] immaculate!
    19. And the foundations of the city's wall, were embossed* with every precious stone. The first foundation [was] jasper, the second sapphire. The third [was] chalcedony, the fourth emerald.
    20. The fifth one [was] sardonyx, the sixth carnelian, the seventh chrysolite, the eight beryl. The ninth [was] topaz, the tenth chrysoprase, the eleventh hyacinth, the twelfth amethyst.
    21. And the twelve doors [were] twelve pearls, one [by] one, each of the doors, and every one of them a unique* pearl, and the broad avenue of the city [was] of pure gold, like a mirror*.
    22. And I saw no temple in it. For that Maryah, the One and Only for all, is its temple and that Lamb.
    23. And that city has no need of a sun, or a moon, so as to give it light. For the glory of Allaha makes it glow* and the Lamb is its light*.
    24. And there will walk the nations who are saved in the light that he is, and the kings of the earth, as they bring their glorification through him and the honor of the nations for him.
    25. And the doors [of the city] are not secured in the day. And* there is no night there.
    26. And the glory and honor of the nations are expressed* in it.
    27. And no one corrupt shall enter abomination into [the city,] nor the performer of demonic acts or falsehood,* except [there enter] those who are written in the book of Life of that Lamb.

    21:1*Lit. Ar. id.: "Resting."
    21:4*Lit. Ar. id.: "Afflictions," or "sicknesses."
    21:6*Not "Omega," since Aramaic is the only scribal language of Scriptures, and "Tau" is the last letter of the alphabet.
    *Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression: "The head and the peaceful [end.]"
    *Lit. Ar. id.: "The one."
    *Lit. Ar. id.: Or: "Water of Life."
    21:7*Lit. Ar. id.: "The one."
    21:8*Lit. Ar. id.: "Fearful for their own safety."
    *Lit. Ar. id.: "Workers with."
    *Lit. Ar. id.: "Recurring."
    21:11*Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "Like the stone of Jasper, that resembles crystal."
    21:16*Lit. Ar. id.: "Placed."
    21:18*Lit. Ar. id.: "Structure," or "style."
    21:19*Lit. Ar. id.: "Decorated."
    21:21*Lit. Ar. id.: "One."
    *Lit. Ar. id.: "Reflecting glass."
    21:23*Lit. Ar. id.: "Brighten."
    *Lit. Ar. id.: "Torch," "lamp."
    21:25*Lit. Ar. id.: "For."
    21:26*Lit. Ar. id.: "Brought."
    21:27*Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "And nor [enters] abomination into her the corrupt, and the doer of demonic [acts] and falsehood."

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