Translating Revelation from the original Aramaic was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The Book of Revelation is one of my wife's favorites. She urged me to study it because of its intriguing references to the Apocalypse However, I found out quickly as I began to translate it, that it was not about the end of the world so much as an index to the whole Bible. It was to be sure, Eashoa Msheekha's Revelation of the whole mystery of the universe to John in a magnificent vision. It is a spiritual history of every essential event that has ever occurred, that is occurring now and that will occur to the end of time. The greatest and central part of Revelation deals with Eashoa Msheekha's ministry on earth, his crucifixion and resurrection.

The Ancient Church of the East was formed during the Apostolic Age. Its scribes copied the Scripture for centuries without changing it. Since it was in their native Aramaic, it never had to be translated. To this day, they have never even translated it to their current vernacular. This is the first authentic translation ever made. I've translated directly into English so that the greatest number of people, especially Christians, may finally have access to an accurate, idiomatic and true version of this Scripture.

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