Qohlat (Ecclesiastes)

Qohlat 5

1. Guard your feet when you go up to the house of Allaha, and go near so as to hear; it is better than the sacrifices of fools that they offer as gifts, as they know not what is to do good.
2. Do not be hasty with your mouth, and let not your heart utter a manifestation before Allaha, because Allaha is in heaven and you are on earth, because of that let your expressions be small.
3. A dream comes [comes to reality] because of many efforts, and the voice of the fool comes out because of many instructions.
4. When you consecrate an offering to Allaha, do not delay in completing it, because there is satisfaction with fools; you, however, that which you offer, pay for it.
5. It is better for one not to offer a dowry, than to offer it and not fulfill it.
6. Do not permit your mouth to make your flesh commit sin, and do not say before Allaha that it was [my mouth] that led me astray, lest Allaha should be angry at your voice and ruin the work of your hands.
7. Because on account of the increase of dreams, vanities and expressions, many are lost; you, however, should fear Allaha.
8. And if you see the cheating of the poor, robbery, and fraudulent [practices] in the cities, do not wonder at it in earnest, because there is one who is higher than the higher ones, who guards those those who are above them.
9. For he is the inheritance of the earth in everything, a king rules the whole field.
10. Whoever cherishes money is not satisfied with money, and whoever cherishes security cannot remain untainted by it, and this too is vanity.
11. With the increase of riches, there is an increase of those who eat them, and what good are the possessions to the wealthy, because from the beginning he sees them with his eyes.
12. Sleep is sweet for the worker, whether he eats little or much; and for the wealthy man being completely satisfied does not allow him to sleep.
13. There is the sickness of evil that I saw under the sun: the riches that are guarded for their owner for the sake of his evil.
14. And he makes his wealth by corrupt means, and he brings forth a son and there is nothing in his hand.
15. As he came out of his mother's womb naked, he shall return to go back from where he came, and there will be nothing of what he planted to go back with him in his hand.
16. And this too is an evil sickness, for thus goes that which came, and what benefit is all the work for the spirit?
17. And also he eats through darkness all his days, and with great anger and wrath, and through lamentations and sickness.
18. This is the thing that I, Qohlat, saw; it is good and beautiful to eat and to drink and to show goodness through all the works that one performs under the sun, for the days that Maryah has given him are numbered, for that is his endowment.
19. Also every person whom Maryah has given wealth and [that secret wish] and whom is given the authority to eat of them, and to draw from them his endowment, and to be happy in their work -- this is the gift of Allaha.
20. Because although they may pledge many days of their lives, Allaha shall answer them through the joy of their* hearts.

Translated by Victor Alexander ©2013

*5:20 NB! Reference is in the singular throughout, however the passage applies to both men and women individually. Therefore, I've used the plural. Aramaic does not distinguish between the genders.

May. 18, 2013

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