Proverbs 7

1. My son, guard my words and hide my commandments inside yourself.
2. Guard my commandments and Live, and [regard] my Law as the pupil of your eye.
3. Tie them on your neck and write them on the tablets of your heart.
4. And say to wisdom, "You are my sister." And call learning, "My adviser."
5. So as to protect you from the foreign woman whose words are alleviating.
6. Because out of the windows of her house and from [behind] the curtains she assesses;
7. And she sees the simpletons and she gazes upon the children, and the deficient in judgment,
8. Who pass down the street, on the corners, and along the alleys of her house.
9. In the evening, as the sun sets, in the darkness of night and the gloom,
10. And the woman goes out to meet him dressed like a prostitute, to steal* the heart of youth.
11. She rages and is wasteful, and in her own house her feet find no rest.
12. Except sometimes she loiters, and at other times she lurks in the streets, and at corners.
13. And she seizes him and kisses him, with an unabashed face,* and says to him,
14. "These are my offerings of surrender, the devotions I pay daily.
15. "This is why I came to meet you,* as I was yearning to see you, and I have found you.
16. "I have laid my mattress upon a rug, and covered it with Egyptian sheets.
17. "And I sprinkled my bed with myrrh, saffron and cinnamon.
18. "Come, let us delight in passion until the morning, and hug each other with pleasure.
19. "For my husband is not home; he has gone on a far journey.
20. "And he has taken a bundle of money in his hand, and he shall not come home for many days."
21. And she misleads him by many words, and with her enticing lips she seduces him.
22. And he will go after her like an infant, and the bull that goes to slaughter, and like a dog that is leashed,
23. And like the stag whose liver is [pierced by a flying] arrow, and he rushes like an animal into the edge of the trap, and he knows not that he* is going to his own death.
24. Henceforth, hear me, O children, and listen to the words of my mouth.
25. Do not set your heart to her ways, and do not lose yourself on her paths.
26. Because she has cast off a multitude of dead [victims] and they were the mighty that she killed.
27. The roads to her house are the ways of Sheol, that descend to the catacombs* of death.

*7:10 Lit. Ar. id.: "Hasten."
*7:13 Lit. Ar. id.: "Willful," or "Desirous."
*7:15 Lit. Ar. id.: "Came out on your way.
*7:23 Lit. Ar. id.: "His soul."
*7:27 Lit. Ar. id.: "Passageways."

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