Proverbs 5

1. My son, listen to my wisdom and to my teachings incline your ear.
2. So as you may be suffused with intellect, and your lips may guard that knowledge.
3. Because it is honey that which drips from the lips of the foreign woman and softer than oil are her words.
4. And their end is no better than wormwood, for she is sharper than a two edged sword.
5. And her feet lead to death; her walk adheres* to Sheol.
6. She does not frequent* the land of the living; for her paths meander and are unknown.
7. Henceforth, listen to me, children, and do not deviate from my mouth's utterance.
8. Distance yourself from her path, and do not go near the entrance to her house.
9. So as you may not give your vigor to others, and your years to those who have no compassion.
10. And foreigners will be filled with your strength, and your efforts will enter the house of foreigners.
11. And in your old age your soul will agonize [over it,] and when the flesh of your body shrinks.
12. And you will say, "Why did I hate discipline and my heart disliked censure?"
13. And I did not listen to the voice of my teachers, and I did not incline my ear to my instructors.
14. In a little while I was almost into all excesses in the synagogue and congregation.
15. Drink water from your own cavern and the welling out of your own spring.
16. And your waters shall flow into your marketplaces and they shall run down your streets.
17. And they shall be for you alone, and foreigners shall not associate themselves with you.
18. And your spring shall be blessed, and be happy with the wife of your youth.
19. The provider of mercy and the enjoyment of kindness; learn her ways in every season, and be nourished by her love.
20. And do not be misled, my son, by the foreign [woman,] nor embrace the bosom of the foreign [woman.]
21. Because a man's ways are visible before Maryah, and all his paths are exposed before Him.
22. The abominable is taken by his duties and he is tied down by the robes of his sins.
23. He dies without renunciation, and he is lost through the multiplicity of his misleadings.

*5:5 Lit. Ar. id.: "Grasps [the path.]"
*5:6 Lit. Ar. id.: "Commemorates."

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