Proverbs 22

1. A name is worth more than great wealth, and benevolence is better than gold and silver.
2. The wealthy and the poor meet each other, and both of them were created* by Maryah.
3. The shrewd see evil that is rewarded, and heavily approved; and fools, however, pass on it and lose.
4. The heels of humility are the fear of Maryah -- riches, honor, and Life [everlasting.]
5. Snares and pits, up an arduous path, and whoever guards himself distances himself from them.
6. If you rebuke a child at the beginning of the way,* even when he is deterred, he shall not stray from it.
7. The wealthy shall be ruled by the poor, and the slave shall subjugate the one who subjugated him.
8. Whoever sows abomination shall reap fraudulence, and the rod of his malice shall be reduced.
9. The people with the kindly* eye shall be blessed, because they give from their bread to the poor.
10. [Send] the evildoer to oblivion and throw out controversy, [put an end to] judgment and condemnation, lest they should sit in the synagogue and revile everyone.
11. Allaha has compassion for the pure of heart, and is compassionate upon the lips of those that are compassionate toward the king.
12. The eyes of Maryah guard knowledge and oblivionate lying words.
13. The negligent says, 'There is a lion on the way, and, behold, there is death in the marketplace.'
14. A deep hovel is the mouth of the foreign woman, and whoever Maryah is angry with falls into it.*
15. Folly makes the heart of the child flee, and the rod of discipline stays away from him.
16. Whoever exploits the poor adds to his [own] evil, and whoever gives it to the rich [suffers] that loss himself.
17. Harken your ear and listen to the word of the wise, and consecrate your heart to my knowledge.
18. Because they are delicious keep them safe in your belly, and they shall be ready on your lips.
19. So as your reliance shall be on Maryah, I have declared this to you daily.
20. And, behold, I have written them to you over three seasons.
21. To impart to you counsel and knowledge, contentment and words of rectitude, so as the manifestation of truth may return to whom sent you.
22. Do not crush the poor because he is poor, and do not smash the afflicted* at the gate.
23. Because Maryah shall judge their judgment, and shall repay the fraudulence of their souls.
24. Do not associate yourself with a wrathful man, and do not go in with a man full of anger.
25. So you will not learn his habits, and find an obstacle to your soul.
26. Do not obligate yourself financially, [for] you will be ashamed in front of people.*
27. For if you have nothing left to pay with, they shall take the bed from under you.
28. Do not displace your place of origin, that which was inaugurated by your ancestors from time immemorial.*
29. If you see a man capable in his work, he shall stand before kings, and he shall not stand before ignoramuses.

*22:2 Lit. Ar. id.: 'Made.'
*22:6 Lit. Ar. id.: 'Mouth of the way.'
*22:9 Lit. Ar. id.: 'Good.'
*22:14 Lit. Ar. idiom retained: 'Becomes scandalized.'
*22:22 Lit. Ar. id.: 'Bedeviled.'
*22:26 Lit. Ar. id.: 'From individuals.'
*22:28 Lit. Ar. idiom [or]: 'Do not abandon your roots, which were planted by your parents eternally.'

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