Proverbs 2

1. My son, accept my words and protect* my commandments in your heart,
2. And incline your ear toward wisdom, and turn your heart toward erudition.
3. And you call for erudition, and toward erudition you raise your voice.
4. And you shall seek him like silver, and explore him like a treasure.
5. Then the submission to Maryah shall be learned, and there the knowledge of Allaha can be found.
6. For it is Maryah who gives wisdom, and from His mouth knowledge and learning.
7. And he guards the hope for those who are upright, and he helps those who walk without fault.
8. And he guards the ways of judgment, and he protects the ways of his righteousness.
9. Then righteousness and judgment shall be learned and the soundness of all the beautiful paths.
10. Whereas wisdom shall enter into your heart, and knowledge shall heal your soul.
11. Good counsel shall protect you, and the learning of the just shall deliver you.
12. That you may be delivered from wicked ways, and from the men who speak of degeneracy,
13. Who have abandoned the reliable path, and who walk in the way of darkness,
14. Who are happy to do evil, and who celebrate the degeneracy of evil.
15. Their ways are perverse, and their paths are twisted.
16. Wisdom shall deliver you from the foreign woman, who goes back on her words,
17. Who has abandoned the nurturer of her childhood, and who has lost the covenant of her Allaha.
18. She has lost the entrance* to her house, and the path of her ways.
19. Whoever enter on to her, do not return, and do not remember the Way of Life.*
20. Walk thus by the way of the good and observe the way of the saints.
21. For the upstanding shall live on earth, and those without fault shall persist on it.
22. And the sinners shall disappear from the earth, and the abominable shall be rooted out of it.

*2:1 Lit. Ar. id.: "Hide." *2:18 Lit. Ar. idiom retained: NB! The stone that sits at the entrance of a house, or "threshold."
*2:19 Lit. Ar. id.: "Lives," or "the path to eternal life."

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