Proverbs 19

1. Blessed is the poor man who walks in innocence, more than the rich man whose ways are perverse.
2. Those who are not aware of themselves, do not praise themselves; and the one who is footloose ends up committing sin.*
3. A man's foolishness perverts his ways, and his heart grows haughty regarding Maryah.
4. The successful person finds many kinships, and the poor person separates from his kinsmen.
5. The lying witness shall not be expiated, and the one speaking lies shall not be released.
6. There are many who serve the ruler, and to the evil ones he gives the presents.
7. All the brothers of the poor man hate him, and even his kinfolk distance themselves from him. Whoever manipulates his words, is not sincere.
8. And the one who attains wisdom, is merciful toward himself, and the one who guards the faith finds blessings.
9. And the false witness shall not be spared, and the one speaking lies shall [go] to oblivion.
10. Luxury is not becoming to a fool, nor for a servant to have authority over the rulers.
11. A man's intelligence is that generosity* of spirit and his glory is in causing abomination to depart.
12. The king's wrath is like the roar of a lion, and his approval is like the shade over the grass.
13. A foolish son is a [constant] embarrassment to a father, and like the dripping of a leaky roof over the reminders of a wife.
14. House and livelihood are the inheritance from the father, and from Maryah is the betrothal of the wife for the man.
15. Laziness makes one sleepy,* and the haughty soul hungers.
16. The one who guards the commandments admonishes himself; and the one who goes astray in his ways shall be killed.
17. Whoever has fellowship with Maryah is compassionate towards the poor, and shall be repaid according to his or her works.
18. Approve of your son, because there is hope; and do not succumb* to cursing him.
19. The man of ill temper receives [much] harm and whatever he [carries,] he will be burdened with more.
20. Listen to counsel and accept discipline, as you grow wise in your ways.
21. There are many reckonings in the heart of a man, but* Maryah's omniscience shall remain standing.
22. The desire of a human being is goodness, and it is better to be poor than a lying man.
23. The submission to Maryah leads to life everlasting,* and from His Will no evil is ever intended.
24. The indolent person who hides his hands in his bosom, is too lazy even to lift them to his mouth.*
25. When the evil person is persecuted, the wise person becomes aware; and when he is rebuked, he imparts knowledge to the wise person.
26. Whoever exploits his father and distresses his mother, is the son who is an embarrassment and a [source] of scandal.
27. Stay, my son, and listen to discipline, and do not lose [sight of] the sayings of knowledge.
28. The evil witness imposes judgment, and the mouth of the abominable proclaims it.
29. Those who impose judgment deserve the suffering and plagues of a foolish nation.

19:2 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: 'Who does not know his soul does not beautify it, and who is quick with his feet sins.'
19:11 Lit. Ar. id.: 'Extension.'
19:15 Lit. Ar. id.: 'Sleepiness produces sleep.'
19:18 Lit. Ar. id.: 'Throw yourself.'
19:20 Lit. Ar. id.: 'And.'
19:23 Lit. Ar. id.: 'Lives.'
19:24 Lit. Ar. id.: 'Not even to his mouth he nears them.'

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