Proverbs 18

1. And [the impertinent person*] silently contemplates what he desires, and he ridicules the good knowledge.
2. The fool has no regard for wisdom, because in his heart he contemplates wickedness.
3. And when the abominable comes to the depth of evil, there comes upon him wickedness, abomination, shame, and curses.
4. The waters of the deep fill the mouth of a man, and the torrent that flows out is the fountain of wisdom.
5. It is not well to judge the abominable by appearance,* nor lower the judgment against the righteous.
6. The lips of the fool bring him into judgment, and his own mouth leads him to death.
7. The mouth of the fool brings ruin unto himself, and with his own lips he curses himself.
8. The words of the derelict cast him into evil, and they take him down to the depths of Sheol.
9. Whoever slackens his hand on his servant, is a brother to the man who causes trouble.
10. The name of Maryah is a formidable tower, and to Him there runs the righteous and the mighty.
11. The honor and the richness of the city in its wealth, and by its walls [there basks] its inhabitants.
12. Before the breaking of the man's heart, [his heart] is exultant; but before being honored, it is gentle.*
13. He who shouts until he is heard, is a fool and a maligner.
14. A man's spirit bears his suffering, but* no one tolerates a maligning spirit.
15. The steady heart gains wisdom, and the wise ear listens to knowledge.
16. The gifts of a human being lead to growth, and place one among the great.
17. The victorious are the human beings in their judgment, and when their companion comes along, finds them as such.*
18. Casting lots resolves a dispute, and chooses between the mighty.
19. A brother who gets help from his brother is like the city [that gets help] from her fortress, and her protectors are like the spears of the fortress.
20. From the fruit of a man's mouth the stomach is satisfied, and the profit of his lips is sufficient.
21. Life and death* are through the tongue,* and whoever loves it* shall eat of its fruit.
22. Whoever finds a good wife, finds goodness, and he does* the will of Maryah; and whoever casts out a good wife, removes goodness from his house.
23. The poor person speaks kindly, and the rich person speaks with power.
24. There are kinsmen who are kinsmen, and there is a kinsman who comes out more than a brother.

*18:1 NB! Reference to last verse of previous chapter, verse 17:28.
*18:5 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "Put faces of the abominable is not beautiful."
*18:12 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "Before breaking, the man's heart is heightened, and before honor softening."
*18:17 Lit. Ar. id.: "Explored," or "justified."
*18:21.1 Lit. Ar. id.: "Death and lives."
*18:21.2 Lit. Ar. idiom retained: "By what a person says."
*18:21.3 NB! Reference to 'tongue,' or in other words, 'Whoever cares to know.'
*18:22 Lit. Ar. id.: "Receives."

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