Proverbs 17

1. Better is the dry bread eaten in quiet -- better than a house full of the sacrifices of transgression.
2. The intelligent servant is given authority over the embarrassing son, and the inheritance is divided among the brothers.
3. The refiner melts the silver and the kiln is for the gold, and Maryah is the diviner of the heart.
4. An evil man listens to the lips of the criminals, and the righteous person does not listen to the tongue of criminals.
5. Whoever laughs at the poor angers their creator, and whoever rejoices at defeat shall not be expiated.
6. The wreath of old age is through their children, and the glory of the children is their parents.
7. The faithful lip is of no help to the fool, nor is the lying lip to the righteous.
8. The stone of kinship is beautiful in the eyes of the one who possesses her, and the country to which she returns recognizes her.
9. Whoever covers abomination is seeking kinship; and whoever hates to cover up, separates himself* from kin and native.
10. Threats shatter the heart of the wise, and instead of dissipating the fool is spared and he is not aware of it.
11. The quarrelsome man seeks evil, and there will be sent against him the angel who has no mercy.
12. The wise man reconsiders and submits, but* to the fool it is on account of his folly.
13. Whoever repays good with evil, evil shall not cease from his house.
14. And whoever sheds blood, incites condemnation before the ruler.
15. Whoever [gives] the victory to the abominable and holds the righteous [one] responsible, is defiled before Maryah.
16. Why do possessions go to the fool, who has no heart to gain wisdom?
17. In every season one's kin has compassion for one, and a brother is born for [times of] trouble.
18. The foolish man surrenders his hand, to go along with his friend like a sheep.
19. Whoever loves abomination loves deception and outrage, and whoever raises the entryway brings ruin upon himself.
20. The wanton heart does not find goodness, and whoever goes back on his word* falls into mischief.
21. A father does not rejoice in a foolish son, who tries to embarrass him.*
22. A happy heart adorns the body, and the suffering spirit makes one old.*
23. Whoever accepts a bribe is an abominable person, for he obscures the way of justice.
24. The face* of the intelligent person gazes upon wisdom, and the eyes of the fool are in the depths of the earth.
25. The foolish son angers his father, and causes pain to the one who gave him birth.
26. It is not well to sully the righteous, nor beat up the righteous who tell the truth.
27. Whoever restrains his words has knowledge,* and whoever is generous in spirit is a wise person.
28. The impertinent person who keeps quiet is thought of as being wise, and the one who gives his lips a rest is thought of as knowledgeable.

*17:9 Lit. Aramaic: Or "Herself."
*17:12 Lit. Ar. id.: "And."
*17:20 Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression: "Returns his tongue."
*17:21 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "That births foolish to shame his soul, and does not delight in him his father."
*17:22 Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression: "Dries up the bones."
*17:27 Lit. Ar. id.: "Knows knowledge."

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