Proverbs 15

1. A kind disposition holds back one's temper,* but harsh words expose anger.*
2. The tongue of the wise praises knowledge, and the mouth of the fools vomits curses.
3. Everywhere the eyes of Maryah gaze upon the good and the evil.
4. The healing of the tongue is that Tree of Life, and whoever eats of His fruits is satiated by them.
5. The fools ridicule the discipline of their father, and the sagacious heed his admonition.
6. In the house of the saintly power increases, and the profit of the abominable disappears.
7. The lips of the wise speak of knowledge, and the hearts of the abominable are not justified.
8. The sacrifices of the abominable are [viewed] with disfavor by Maryah, [but] the prayers of the honest are according to His will.
9. Maryah abhors the way of the abominable, and He has mercy on whoever performs righteousness.
10. The discipline of those who have no knowledge of evil is apparent, and those who hate being admonished are the ones who will die.
11. Sheol and oblivion are before* Maryah, and so are the hearts of humanity.
12. The evil person does not take mercy on someone who admonishes him, and the wise person does not walk with [the former.]
13. A happy heart makes the body glow; and an aching heart makes the spirit sick.
14. The heart of the just desires knowledge, and the mouth of the abominable speaks of evil.
15. All the days of the poor are bad, and the good ones are peaceful in every season.
16. It is better to fear Maryah a little, than to receive great compliments from the wicked.
17. A casual meal of vegetables and love [even] by name is better than the fatted calves eaten with contempt.
18. An emotional man prolongs the wrath, and the man of patience* extinguishes the wrath until the end.*
19. The ways of the negligent are full of thorns, and the ways of the truthful are clear.
20. The wise son makes his father happy, and the foolish son embarrasses his mother.
21. The man who loses heart acts foolishly, and the capable man goes about honestly.
22. Those who honor the synagogue disregard opinions, and by the prevalence of kings a counsel is upheld.
23. The happiness of a man is the manifestation of his mouth, and the one who speaks in season embellishes it.
24. The way to eternal life elevates one's intelligence, so as to avoid the debasement of Sheol.
25. Maryah shall uproot the house of the pretentious, and He shall justify the foundation of the widows.
26. Evil pretensions are abhorrent before Maryah, and cleansed words are pleasant.
27. The accepter of bribes loses his soul, and the one who abhors bribes lives [forever.]
28. The heart of the righteous is justified through faith, and the mouth of the abominable speaks with evil.
29. Maryah abandons the abominable, and He listens to the prayers of the righteous.
30. The light of the eyes heals the heart, and the good heart strengthens the bones.
31. The ear that listens to the admonishment regarding eternal life, makes its home among the wise.
32. Whoever denigrates instruction hates himself, and whoever listens to admonishment gains wisdom.
33. Fear of Maryah is the knowledge of eternal life, and the glory of the kind-hearted goes before them.

*15:1.1 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "The soft manifestation turns back the temperament."
*15:1.2 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "And the hard manifestation shows anger."
*15:11 Lit. Ar. id.: "Visible to Him."
*15:18.1 Lit. Ar. id.: "Extender of spirit."
*15:18.2 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "As long as it is extinguishes her."

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