Paul's Letter to the Philippians

Philippians 1

1. Paul and Timothy, servants of Eashoa Msheekha, to all the saints in Eashoa Msheekha, together with priests* and ministers, 2. Blessings be with you from our Father and from our Maryah, Eashoa Msheekha.

3. I confess to my Allaha over your loyal unity, 4. That in every request I have made on your behalf, I have found you as one body, 5. With regard to your relationship to the Revelation of Allaha,* from the first day to the present, 6. Because I perceive this that He who released among you the blessed deeds, shall [see to it] that you will remain faithful* until the Day of Maran Eashoa Msheekha.

7. For this is how I was blessed, as to look after all of you, because I have a place for you in my heart, though I may be in chains, I think of you constantly in the outpouring of my spirit,* over the truth of Allaha's Revelation,* that you may be participants in that blessing. 8. For Allaha is my witness that I love you with the compassion of Eashoa Msheekha. 9. And this I pray that once again your love is augmented and enriched with knowledge and total Spiritual discipline, 10. So that you may be able to choose those things that bring contentment, and that you may be pure, without obstacles on the Day of the Messiah, 11. And that you may be full of spiritual fruit that you produced through Eashoa Msheekha, with which you shall glorify and honor Allaha. 

12. I wish that you should know, brethren, that my pledge had proceeded ahead of me by the Revelation of Allaha,* 13. So much so that even my chains were revealed through the Messiah in all the empire and to all other human beings. 14. And most of the brethren in Maryah would testify to my chains, and thronged in greater numbers to preach the manifestation of Allaha. 15. There are people* who preach the Messiah out of divisiveness and overindulgence, others out of good will and love, 16. Because they know that I have ordained them for the purpose of preaching the Revelation of Allaha.*

17. Those, then, that preach the Messiah while overindulging themselves, are not doing it with a clean spirit, except they hope to add to the torment of my chains. 18. And for this too I am pleased and happy, that however it is spread, whether out of [personal] motive or in earnest, the Messiah should be preached. 19. For I know that they are leading* me towards everlasting life, according to your invocation and through the endowment of the Spirit of Eashoa Msheekha, 20. So that I shall preach and hold fast to nothing less than that the Messiah should be reflected in me before everyone's eyes, at every opportunity and even now, whether while Living or while dying.* 21. For the Messiah is my Life, and when I die, He is my Salvation.

22. If then in this life of the flesh also I bear fruit through my labors, I know not which to choose. 23. For both of them constrain me, I desire to fly away and be with Eashoa, and that would suit me fine.* 24. Except even staying firm in body,* I feel obliged to do so on your behalf.* 25. And I can imagine this,* that I should remain and add to your happiness and for the sake of nurturing your faith, 26. Whereas when I come to you, your pride in Eashoa Msheekha is augmented through me. 

27. Be only devoted to proffering the Hope of the Messiah, so that if I come to see you or if I am far off, I may hear about you, that you are standing in one spirit and one soul, sanctified as one body in the faith of His Revelation. 28. And nothing could shake you from those who stood against me, in showing them the way to oblivion and the way to life everlasting,* 29. It was given to you that you did not believe in the Messiah only for the sake of believing, except that you should also sorrow on His behalf, 30. And you shall proffer His passion that you saw in me, and that now you hear regarding me. 

Footnotes: *1:1 Reference to Jewish priests who converted to Christianity. -- *1:5 Aramaic word: “Awen-ga-lee-yoon.” -- *1:6 “In submission.” -- *1:7. 1 Aramaic expression retained: “In my preaching.” -- *1:7. 2 Aramaic word: “Awen-ga-lee-yoon.” -- *1:12 Aramaic word: “Awen-ga-lee-yoon.” -- *1:15 Literal expression: “And human human.” -- *1:16 Aramaic word: “Awen-ga-lee-yoon.” -- *1:19 “Finding.” -- *1:20 “Whereas I [proffer the] hope and hold on to that nothing be granted except through openness of faces like in every season also now that be magnified the Messiah in my body, if through lives or if by death.” -- *1:23 Aramaic expression: “Emerge for.” -- *1:24. 1 Aramaic expression retained: “Staying put.” -- *1:24. 2 Literal expression: “The utterance constrains me because of you.” -- *1:25 Literal expression: “And this through my thoughts I know.” -- *1:28 “ showing their oblivion and your lives.”

Philippians 2