The Mystery of the Birth of Jesus

The commercialization of the birth of Jesus has reached such proportions that there are so many explanations now as to when and where he was born and the circumstances of his birth. Rather than go into the variations and the different interpretations, let me go to the heart of the matter.

Why was Eashoa born in such humble circumstances, in fear of being killed by Herod, and so on? If we study the whole prophecy regarding the Coming of the Messiah to the world, we will discover that from the start the Creator of the Universe did not wish to come as a ruler of this world. Every lesson of the journey was to teach humanity about eternal life, in Aramaic "life to the end of the universe;" it was not about the kingdoms, properties and possessions of this world, or the pomp and ceremony -- none of that.

He created the universe, placed everything in it, then he went to a distant land and he waited for the workers to send him his share of the fruit -- it is one of the parables that Eashoa told his disciples. The workers beat up the servants that were sent to them, killed some of them, and threw them all out. These servants were the prophets. Then the Creator sent His Son; they did not treat him any differently.

In the feast at Cana, Eashoa turns the water into wine, when his mother finally tells him: "the wine has run out."

Although, he tells her that it is not the time, he nevertheless obliges her. The master of ceremonies is amazed. "Everybody serves the best wine first; you served the best wine last." The meaning of this passage is that the blood of the prophets is shed first, before the Father sends His Son to shed his glorifying blood on behalf of the universe.

Nothing in this world is worth it. Nothing survives. Whether king or servant, ruler or slave, the place of birth and the possessions of this world cannot save us.

Noah had to learn that, Abraham had to learn that -- the same for Isaac, Jacob and his children. The baby born in the manger means it does not matter in what circumstances anybody is born; it is in the glorifying of Eashoa that we have a chance at eternal life, life to the end of the universe.

Merry Christmas.

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Dec. 25, 2013