Testament of Matthew

Matthew 24

1. And Eashoa left the temple to go, and his disciples came to show him the temple building.
2. He told them, however, "Behold, do you not see all these?
Amen, I am telling you,
Not one stone thus shall remain upon another
without it being unraveled."

3. And as Eashoa sat on the mountain, there came to him his disciples, and they were saying amongst themselves and to him "Tell us when will these things occur? And what is the sign that will reveal it to us and end the world?"
4. Eashoa replied and told them, "Beware that no one mislead you.
5. "For many will come in my name,
saying that I am the Messiah,
and many will be misled.
6. "You are destined to hear of hostilities
and about wars.
Look, do not be confused,
and since not everything happens,
except this is not yet the end.
7. "For a nation shall rise against nation
and kingdoms against kingdoms,
And there will be famines and genocide
and earthquakes in place after place.
8. "These are the beginnings of the labor pains.
9. "Then they will deliver you to tribulations
and they will kill you,
And you will be hated by all nations
because of my name.
10. "Then many will blaspheme
and will hate one another,
and betray one another.
11. "And many false prophets will arise,
and will mislead many.
12. "And because of the great abomination,
the love of many will be blown away.
13. "Whoever maintains hope until the end, shall Live.
14. "And this hope of the Kingdom
shall be preached in all the universe,
As testimony for all nations,
and then the end shall come.
15. "When you see then the signs of corrupting desolation,
that was spoken of by the prophet Daniel,
Standing in the holy place,
let the reader learn,
16. "Then those that are in Judea,
will run to the mountain.
17. "And whoever is on the roof,
will not get down to secure his house.
18. "And whoever is in the field,
will not return to take on his clothing.
19. "Woe, then to those with child
and those who are suckling in those days.
20. "Pray then that your exodus
shall not occur in winter
and not on the Sabbath.
21. "For there shall be great tribulation,
such as there never was
From the beginning of the universe until now,
and it will never be again.
22. "And if those days were not shortened,
no flesh would live again.
For the sake of the chosen then,
those days were shortened.
23. "Then if a human being tells you,
'Behold, here is the Messiah,' or 'There,'
do not believe it.
24. "For there will rise false messiahs and false prophets,
and they will give forth signs and wonders,
as if to mislead even the chosen.
25. "Behold, I have told you in advance.
26. "If thus they tell you,
'Behold, he is in the desert,'
do not go out there,
Or that, 'Behold, he is in the inner chamber,'
do not believe it.
27. "Then when lightening strikes from the East,
and is seen in the West,
thus will be the Coming of the Son of Man,
28. "Where the body is, however,
there will gather the eagles.

29. "At once then after the tribulation of those days,
the sun will be darkened,
and the moon will not shine*
And the stars shall fall from the sky
and the powers of heaven shall move*.
30. "Then the symbol of the Son of Man
will be seen in heaven,
Then all the generations of the earth
shall writhe and will see the Son of Man
Coming on the clouds of heaven,
together with great Power and Glory.
31. "And he will send his angels with a great trumpet call
and they will gather his chosen from the four spirits,
from the heads of heaven until their heads.*
32. "From the fig tree learn a metaphor,
that as soon as its branches get longer
And its leaves plentiful,
you discern that Spring has arrived.
33. "Likewise, when you see all these,
understand that I have arrived at the door.
34. "Amen, I am telling you,
that this generation will not pass away,
until all these things have been fulfilled.
35. "Heaven and earth will pass away,
and my words shall not pass away.

36. "Of that day then, and of that hour,
no human being shall know,
Not even the angels of heaven,
except the Father alone.
37. Just as in the days of Noah then,
thus it will be the Coming of the Son of Man.
38. "Just as it was before the Flood,
they ate and drank and married women
And gave into marriage,
until the day Noah entered the ark,
39. "And they did not know when the flood would come
and take them all,
Thus will be the Coming of the Son of Man.
40. "Then, two will be in the village,
one will be fetched and the other left.
41. "And two will be grinding in the mill,
one will be fetched and one will be left.

42. "Hold the vigil thus,
as you do not know at what hour your Master will come.
43. "This then you should know,
that if the master of the house knew the watch
During which the thief would come,
he would not allow the thief to ransack his house.
44. "Because of this, you also rest assured,
that in the hour that you did not anticipate,
shall come the Son of Man.
45. "Who becomes the faithful and wise servant
that the master sets over the members of his house,
to bring him produce during season?
46. "Blessed is the servant whose master finds him doing such
when he comes.
47. "Amen, I am telling you, that he will raise him
over everything he has.
48. "If the servant, who is wicked in his heart,
says that, 'My master will come late,'
49. "And begins beating his kin,
and goes about eating and drinking with drunkards,
50. "The master of the servant shall come
on that day that he did not expect,
and in the hour that he did not know,
51. "And he will tear him in two pieces,
and set his portion with that of the hypocrites,
where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth."
*24:29.1 Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression: "Show its light."
*24:29.2 Lit. Ar. idiomatic figure of speech retained: "Go into action."
*24:31 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction retained: "[Of the chosen,] from the highest one in heaven to the highest one above them."

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