Testament of Matthew

Matthew 11

1. And so it was as Eashoa concluded instructing his twelve disciples, he went on from there to teach and preach in the towns.
2. However, when John heard in prison of the works of the Anointed One*, he sent through his disciples, and said to him,
3. "Are you he who is to come, or shall we wait for another?"
4. Eashoa replied and said to them, "Go inform John that which you hear and see.
5. "The blind see and the lame walk and the lepers clean and the mute hear and the dead risen and the poor full of hope.
6. "And blessed are they that do not oppose* me."

7. And as they left, Eashoa began telling the crowds about John,

"What did you go out to see in the wilderness? A reed moved by the spirit?
8. "And if not, what did you go out to see? A man dressed in fine garments? Behold, those who wear fine clothes, live in royal palaces.
9. "And if not, what did you go out to see? A prophet? Indeed! I am telling you, and more than a prophet!
10. "For this is the one of whom is written, that 'Behold, I am sending my angel before your face,* to lay out the path before you.'
11. "Amen, I am telling you, there never was born of women one who stood taller* than John the Baptist. However, the smallest one in Heaven, is greater* than him.
12. "From the days of John the Baptist until now,* the Kingdom of Heaven will be gained by austerity, and the disciplined shall win it.
13. "For all the prophets and Scriptures prophesied until John.
14. "And if it pleases you to accept it, he was the Elijah who was destined to come.
15. "Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.

16. "What does this generation resemble? It resembles the boys that sit in the market place, crying out to their friends,
17. "Saying, 'We sang for you and you did not dance, and we lamented for you and you did not mourn.'
18. "For John came neither eating, nor drinking, and they said, 'He is [possessed] by a demon.'
19. "The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they said, 'Behold, a glutton and a wine drinker and the friend of revenue collectors. However, wisdom is proven righteous through its deeds."

20. Then Eashoa began to reproach* those towns wherein many of his great powers were performed, but which had not repented. And he said,
21. "Woe to you, Chorazin, woe to you, Bethsaida. Since if in Tyre and Sidon were those mighty powers performed that were in you, they would have repented in sackcloth and ashes by now.
22. "Therefore, I am telling you, it will be easier* for Tyre and Sidon on Judgment Day than for you.
23. "And you, Capernaum, who until now had risen till heaven, you will be dropped down to sheol. Since if these powers were performed in Sodom, it would still be standing today.
24. "Therefore, I am telling you, it will be easier for the land of Sodom on Judgment Day, rather than for you."

25. And at that time*, replied Eashoa and said, "I acknowledge your will, Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, that you hid these things from the wise and educated, and revealed them to children.
26. "Indeed, my Father, for this was your original intention.
27. "Everything has been entrusted to me by my Father, and no one* knows the Son, except for the Father, also the Father no one knows, except for the Son, and to whom it pleases the Son to reveal Him.

28. "Come to me, all you mourners and carriers of burdens, and I shall give you peace.
29. "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, as I am easy* and gentle of heart, and you shall find peace in your souls.
30. "For my yoke is pleasant and my burden is light."

*11:2 Lit. Ar. name retained: "Messiah" or Christ.
*11:6 Lit. Ar. id.: "Tangle with."
*11:10 Lit. Ar. expression retained: "Before you appear."
*11:11 Lit. Ar. id.: "Higher," "greater."
*11:12 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction retained: "Henceforth."
*11:20 Lit. Ar. id.: "Harvest."
*11:22 Lit. Ar. id.: "Peaceful."
*11:25 Lit. Ar. id.: "In that season."
*11:27 Lit. Ar. id.: "No man."
*11:29 Lit. Ar. id.: "Peaceful."

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