Gospel of Mark


Mark 13

1. And as Eashoa went out of the temple, one of his disciples said to him, "Teacher, behold, see these stones and these buildings!"
2. Eashoa, however, said to him, "Do you see these great buildings? Not one stone shall remain thus upon another stone, without it all being unraveled."

3. And as Eashoa sat upon Mount of Olives, opposite the temple, there asked him Keepa [Peter] and James and John and Andrew, alone by themselves,
4. "Tell us when will these things take place? And what are the signs when all these things are close to being fulfilled?"
5. Eashoa then began to tell them, "See that no human being mislead you.
6. "For many will come in my name and will say, it is I* and they shall mislead many.
7. "When you hear of wars and hostile words,* do not fear. For that is destined to occur, except it is not yet the end.
8. "For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be earthquakes in place after place, and there will be famines and disturbances. These are the beginnings of labor pains.
9. "Be observant then yourselves, for they will deliver you to judges and they will torment you in their assemblies, and before kings and presidents, you will stand because of me, in their testimony.
10. "However, it is destined beforehand that you preach my hope* among all nations.
11. "When they come near to you then, to deliver you, do not go forth at a loss as to what you will say, and do not rehearse, except that which will be given to you in that hour, that is what you are to say. For it will not be you who speaks, except the holy Spirit.
12. "Brother will deliver brother to death, and father to his son, and children will rise against their parents and will kill them.
13. "And you will be hated by all kinds of people,* because of my name. Whoever remains faithful* until the end, however, they shall Live.
14. "Then when you see signs of evil desolation, that which was told by the prophet Daniel, standing where it is not intended*, the reader should learn, then those who are in Judea will run to the mountain.
15. "And whoever is on the roof, shall not go down and will not enter and take anything from inside the house.
16. "And whoever is in the field will not return back to get his clothes.
17. "Woe, however, to those with child,* and those who suckle [babies] in those days.
18. "Pray that your exodus may not be in winter.
19. "For there will be tribulation that has no parallel, from the beginning of Creation that Allaha created and until now, and there never will be again.
20. "And if the Maryah did not remember those days, no flesh would ever survive*. Except for the chosen that are chosen, those days will be shortened.
21. "Then when a person tells you that, behold, here is the Messiah, and, behold, right there! Do not believe it.
22. "For there will arise lying messiahs, and cheating prophets, and they will produce signs and wonders, and they will mislead, if possible, even the chosen.
23. "You, however, beware. Behold, I am telling you everything in advance.

24. "In those days, however, after that tribulation, the sun will darken, and the moon will not receive the light.
25. "And there will be shooting stars.* And the powers of heaven will be shaken*.
26. "And then you will see the Son of Man, as he comes in the clouds, together with great power and glory.
27. "And then he will send his angels and gather his chosen from all four spirits, from the top of the earth to the top of heaven.
28. "From the fig tree, however, learn a metaphor, that when its branches grow and its leaves are plentiful, you know that summer has arrived.
29. "Likewise, you also, when you see these things happening, know that the hour has arrived.*
30. "Amen, I am telling you, that this generation will not pass until all these occur.
31. "Heaven and earth will pass away and my words will not pass away.
32. "And about that day and about that hour, no human being shall know, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, except if the Father wills it.
33. "Look, be observant and pray, for you do not know the season.
34. "Like the man who sets off and leaves his house and gives authority to his servants, and to each person* his job, and instructs them to watch the door.*
35. "Keep an eye therefore,* as you know not when the master of the house comes, whether in the evening or in the middle of the night or at the crowing of the rooster, or in the morning.
36. "So as he should not come suddenly and find you sleeping.
37. "What I tell you then, I am telling to all of you, be watchful."

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*13:6 Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression: "I am I."
*13:7 Lit. Ar. idiomatic figures of speech: "Adversarial names."
*13:10 Lit. Aramaic: "Faithful anticipation."
*13:13.1 Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression: "From every human [being.]"
*13:13.2 Lit. Ar. idiomatic figures of speech: "Hopes."
*13:14 Lit. Ar. idiomatic figures of speech: "Lawful," or "decreed."
*13:17 Lit. Ar. id.: "Pregnant."
*13:20 Lit. Ar. idiomatic figures of speech: "Live."
*13:25.1 Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression: "And the stars will fall from the sky."
*13:25.2 Lit. Ar. id: "Quake."
*13:29 Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression: "It is at the door."
*13:34.1 Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression: "To human [being] human [being.]"
*13:34.2 Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression retained: "To anticipate his return."
*13:35 Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression: "Observe thus."