Letters of the Apostles

Paul is the most misunderstood of all the writers of the Scriptures. He appears for the first time in the Acts of the Apostles. He is mentioned as a persecutor of Christianity, and then is blinded by the risen Eashoa for a short time. Then Maryah opens his eyes and Paul is reborn as an Apostle, with eyes that see and ears that hear. Paul's journey is a remarkable story of redemption and self discovery.

I've heard it preached by some TV evangelists that Paul was a somewhat failed apostle, who wrote some letters to the Greek churches and then traveled to Rome and died there. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Paul has not been given proper credit, because he didn't bring with him the kind of authority that the early Roman Church needed to establish its dominance. To them Peter represented the keys to heaven and hell, that was presumably given to him alone.

Since the Letters of the Apostles, together with the whole New Testament, were supposedly originated in Greek, it was easier to modify them to change the whole theology of the New Testament. Imagine, even the Letter to the Hebrews is supposed to have been written in Greek! If all the New Testament was originated in Greek, then the Letter to the Hebrews had to be originated in Greek as well.

When you read my translation of the Letters, you will see for yourself were the falsifications of the Scriptures occurred, because Paul is the only one of the Apostles who explains the relationship of the Old Testament and the New Testament -- both of which had to be written in the same language, and they were; that is why the Ancient Aramaic is called the Scribal Language (Leeshana Suprayah.) The Greek language is not the Scribal Language! Neither is any other language. Eashoa read only from the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures, and it is the language that He used when He came to the world.

The Greek version of the letters appeals to the Western churches, because they can make the claim that the "Kingdom of God" was taken from the Jewish Apostles and given to the Gentiles. This abominable conception of Christianity is responsible for the rejection of the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures which I've translated correctly for the first time.

In reading my translation you will be able to discern the truth. I've discovered that Paul's literary style is apparent in all the Letters, as he compiled and preserved the Letters of the Apostles for all generations in the Ancient Aramaic language. Some of the Letters he wrote himself, others were penned by other scribes; but his supervision and some of the language reflects Paul's style. It is possible to tell when he had a direct hand in dictating some of them. He trained most of the writers of the New Testament. Paul preserved and handed down the New and Old Testaments to the Apostles. This was the role that Maran Eashoa Msheekha chose for him. This and his excellence as an apostle are the main reasons why Maryah chose him.

Jan. 26, 2014

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