The Letter of Jude

1. Jude, the servant of Eashoa Msheekha, the brother then of James, to the Called nations, through the mercy of Allaha the Father, under Eashoa Msheekha's protection. 2. May mercy and peace be augmented in you through love. 

3. My beloved, I am doing my utmost to write to you regarding our inner Life, it is important to write to you as I commend you in the struggle on behalf of our Faith, which was in its season delivered to the saints. 4. For there entered men into the fold -- from the beginning this encroachment was written about in Scriptures -- depraved men, who turned the grace of Allaha into evil, so as to blaspheme the One who is alone the Maryah Allaha: Maran Eashoa Msheekha. 5. It is to remind you that I wish to bring it to your attention, then, you all know that Allaha in one season saved the nation from Egypt, but in the second season He destroyed those who did not believe. 6. And the angels who did not guard their head, except left their abode, He keeps under guard in the netherworld,* in the dark abyss until the great Day of Judgment.

7. Thus also Sodom and Gomorrah, and the towns around them, where they, in like manner, fornicated and went after other flesh, are consecrated under the same universal fire, as they deserve the Judgment. 8. Similarly also those who lust in their dreams for the defilement of the flesh, reject the Lordship and blaspheme the Glory.

9. Michael, then, the head of the angels, who as he spoke to the devil, argued on behalf of the body of Moses, that the devil dare not hold down his body under condemnation of blasphemy, except Michael told him, “Maryah shall rebuke you!”* 10. Those, then, that blaspheme against what they know not, who treat the natural phenomena like dumb creatures, are then destroyed by that [same fire.] 

11. Woe to them that followed the path of Cain, and those that followed the deception of Balaam by accepting the recompense of the reluctant laborer, and those that went to oblivion by following the stubbornness of Korah. 12. These are the ones who rage and rave during their feasts, who submit their souls to no one, they are like the rainless clouds blown by the spirits, like trees that blossom but bear no fruit, that die twice and are pulled by their roots. 13. Like the turbulent waves of the sea, that reveal their shame as they foam, they are the misleading stars, those that are kept under guard in the darkness of the netherworld.

14. However, there prophesied also against them Enoch, who was of the seventh generation from Adam, as he said, “Behold, there will come Maryah with the multitude of saints. 15. “To judge everyone and rebuke all the depraved for every outrageous act that they performed, and for all the foul words that they spoke, depraved sinners that they are!" 16. These are those who complain and spite whoever they please, and go around according to their own pleasures, and utter scandalous words with their mouths, and glorify certain personalities for the sake of financial reward. 

17. You, however, my beloved, remember the words that were spoken by the apostles of Maran Eashoa Msheekha, 18. Who told you that in the last season there will be those who will laugh and follow their pleasures of depravity. 19. Those that choose the selfish behavior, the Spirit is not in them. 20. You, however, my beloved, through your holy faith become children of the Holy Spirit anew, as you pray on your knees. 

21. Let us guard our souls by the love of Allaha, then, as we await* the marriage feast* of Maran Eashoa Msheekha, to live with Him eternally.* 22. And pluck certain [souls] out of the fire, 23. As they would surely die; have mercy on them, then, through submission, as you abhor even the tunic that is besmirched by the flesh. 

24. To Him, then, who is able to guard you from depravity and molestation and resurrect you without malediction, 25. The only Allaha our Savior, through Maran Eashoa Msheekha, who assumed His glory with joy -- [to Him, then,] be glory, supremacy, honor and greatness, now and for all eternity,* amen. 

Footnotes: *6 “Unknown prisons.” -- *9 “Michael then he head of the angels, he that with the devil while he spoke judged he, because of the body of Moses, does not dare he to bring down over him the judgment of blasphemy, except he commanded that rebukes you Maryah.” -- *21. 1 Literal expression: “Hold on to.” -- *21. 2 “Betrothal.” -- *21. 3 “To the end of the universes.” -- *25 “To the end of all the universes.”

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