Gospel of John chapter 9

Reading and Commentary by Vic Alexander

From the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures


John 9 

1. And as he passed [through] he saw a man who was blind from his mother's womb. 2. And his disciples asked him, “[Our] Master, who sinned, this [man] or his parents, that he was born blind?” 3. Eashoa told them, “Neither he sinned, nor his parents, except that you should see through him the works of Allaha. 4. “And to me it is a duty to do the works of whom sent me, who is the Day. Night of mankind* will follow when no work can be [accomplished.]* 5. “As long as I am among people*, I am the light of the people.” 6. And as he said these [things,] he spat on the ground and made mud with his saliva, and covered the blind man's eyes [with it.] 7. And he said to him, “Go and bathe in the baptismal of apostleship*.” And [the man] went and bathed and came [back] seeing. 8. His neighbors and those who saw him before* said, “Was it not him who used to sit and beg?” 9. There were those that said that it was him, and others that said, “No, except that he looks like him.” But he said that, “It is I.” 10. They told him, “How were your eyes opened.” 11. He replied and told them, “The man, whose name is Eashoa, made mud and pressed it over my eyes and told me, 'Go, wash in the waters of apostleship*,' and I went and I washed and I saw.” 12. They told him, “Where is he?” He told them, “I do not know.” 

13. And they brought* [the man] who had been blind before* to the Pharisees. 14. But it was on the Sabbath that Eashoa made the mud and opened his eyes. 15. And the Pharisees asked him also, “How is it you see?” So he told them, “He consecrated* the mud over my eyes, and I washed and I saw.” 16. And some* of the Pharisees said, “This man was not from Allaha thus that he observes not the Sabbath.” Others [of them] said, “How can a sinner* perform* miracles [such] as these?” And there was disagreement* between them. 17. They asked again*, “What do you say regarding him who opened your eyes?” He told them, “I say he is a prophet.” 18. But the Judeans did not believe him, that he was blind and [now] he could see, so then they called the parents of the one who saw; 19. And they asked them, “Is this your son, the one whom you say was born blind? Whom now can see?” 20. But his parents replied and said, “We know that this is our son and that he was born blind; 21. “However, as for his seeing now and [as for] who opened his eyes, we do not know. Also, [our son] is of age*, ask him. He [can] speak for himself.” 22. Thus spoke his parents for they were in submission* to the Judeans. For the Judeans held* that if anyone* recognized* [Eashoa as] the Anointed One, they would throw him out of the Synagogue. 23. That is why his parents said that he was of age, ask him. 24. And they called the man a second time*, the one who had been born* blind, and they told him, “[Give] glory to Allaha; for we are sure that this man is a sinner.”* 25. He replied and told them, “If he was a sinner I would not know that. One thing I do know, that I was born blind and behold now I see!” 26. They asked* him again, “What did he do to you? How did he open your eyes?” 27. He told them, “I told you, but you did not listen. Why do you want to hear [it] again? Why, do you also wish* to be his disciples?” 28. But they castigated him and said to him, “You be his disciple! For we are indeed disciples of Moses; 29. “And we know that Allaha spoke to Moses. But [as for] this one, we do not know where he is from!” 30. The man replied and told them, “So this is why you are so confounded*, you do not know whom he really is,* and [yet] he has opened my eyes! 31. “We do know that Allaha does not heed the request* of sinners, except [he heeds] those who surrender* to Him and do His will, to them He listens. 32. “From the beginning of the world* it has never been heard that a man opens the eyes of the born blind. 33. “If he was not from Allaha, he could not do that!” 34. They replied and said to him, “Your entire [being] is born of sin, and [yet] you will teach us?!” And they threw him out. 

35. And Eashoa heard [of it,] that he was thrown out, and he found him and said to him, “So you do believe in the Son of Allaha?”* 36. Replied the [one whom they] persecuted and said, “Who is it, my Maryah, so I may believe in Him!” 37. Eashoa told him, “You have seen him, and he who speaks with you happens to be him.” 38. Then he said, “I do believe, my Maryah!”* And he fell and worshipped him. 39. And Eashoa said, “I have come in judgment of these people*, that those who did not see would see, and those that saw would be blinded.” 

40. And those* Pharisees that were there* heard these [things,] and asked* him, “Why, are we also blind?” 41. Eashoa told them, “If you were blind, you would not be with sin. Now that you claim* that you are [indeed] seeing, [and] because of it, your sin stands*!” 

Footnotes: 9:4. 1 “The human [being.]” -- 9:4. 2 “There comes the night of the human [being,] none can work.” -- 9:5 “In the universe.” -- 9:7 Aramaic retained. The pool where the man washed the mud from his face. -- 9:8 “From old.” -- 9:11 Aramaic retained. -- 9:13. 1 “Came to.” -- 9:13. 2 “From old.” -- 9:15 Aramaic retained. “Anoint.” -- 9:16. 1 “Human [being.]” -- 9:16. 2 “Sinning man.” -- 9:16. 3 “Do.” -- 9:16. 4 “Division.” -- 9:17 “Said.” -- 9:21 “Also he has on him (by) years,” reference to advance of “years on [a person.]” -- 9:22. 1 Aramaic retained. No true English language equivalent word or concept. -- 9:22. 2 “Stood for.” -- 9:22. 3 “Human [being.]” -- 9:22. 4 “Make him out to be.” -- 9:24. 1 “Seasons.” -- 9:24. 2 “[Had] come.” -- 9:24. 3 “Glorify to Allaha, for we know (we) that this [one] is a sinful man.” -- 9:26 “Told.” -- 9:27 “Be satisfied.” -- 9:30. 1 “To [be] amazed.” -- 9:30. 2 Literal expression: “From where his is.” -- 9:31. 1 “By voice.” -- 9:31. 2 “Submit out of fear,” or “seek sanctuary.” -- 9:32 “Universe.” -- 9:35 Literal expression: “You believe you [then] in the Son of Allaha?” -- 9:38 “I do believe I, my Maryah!” -- 9:39 “[This] universe.” -- 9:40. 1 “From.” -- 9:40. 2 “With him.” -- 9:40. 3 “Said.” -- 9:41. 1 “Say.” -- 9:41. 2 “Has risen.”

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