Gospel of John chapter 6

Reading and Interpretation by Vic Alexander

From the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures


John 6 

1. After these [things] Eashoa went across to the sea of Galilee, of Tiberias. 2. And great crowds followed him, as they had seen the miracles he performed on the sick. 3. And Eashoa went up the mountain, and he sat there with his disciples. 4. But the Jewish Passover was approaching. 

5. And as Eashoa raised his eyes and saw the great crowd coming to him, he said to Philip, “Where shall we buy bread [so] that these [people] can eat?” 6. But he said this advisedly, for he knew what had to be done. 7. Philip said that, “Two hundred Dinars'* [worth] of bread would not deliver [enough quantity,] just to satisfy each* one a little.” 8. One of the disciples said to him, [it was] Andrew, brother of Simon the Rock *, 9. “We have a boy here, that has on him five [flat] breads of barley and two [tiny] fishes. Except what are these for all of them?” 10. Eashoa told them, “Make the men* all lay down.” The grass was tall* in that place there. And the men lied down, [there were] five thousand [of them.]” 11. And Eashoa took the bread and blessed [it] and divided it to those laying down, and of those fish also, as much as they wanted*. 12. And as they ate their fill,* [Eashoa] said to his disciples, “Gather* up their leftover fragments so as none is lost.” 13. And they gathered and filled twelve wicker baskets of fragments, these that were the leftovers of those that ate of the five barley breads. 

14. These that saw the man* [do] the miracles that Eashoa did, said, “Truthfully, this [is] the Prophet who [was] to come to the world*.” 15. But as Eashoa knew their [intention] of seizing him and making him [their] king, he departed for the mountain [all] alone. 16. And as evening came, his disciples retired to the sea, 17. And they [boarded] the vessel and [prepared] to cross over to Capernaum. And darkness came, [but] Eashoa had not [yet returned] to them. 18. The sea swelled [about] them, for the Spirit stirred up on their behalf*. 19. And they managed something like twenty-five or thirty furlongs, and [they] saw Eashoa traversing the diminutive sea and as he neared their ship, they panicked. 20. Eashoa then told them, “It is I, do not panic.” 

21. And they were relieved* to take him into the vessel and immediately* the ship itself was at the harbor* where they were [supposed] to go! 22. And on the following day, that crowd of the previous day that had been [present] at the crossing of the sea, saw that there was no other vessel there, except for the one that the disciples boarded, and neither did Eashoa go off with his disciples on board that vessel! 23. A large number of sail boats from Tiberias came to the place where [the thousands] ate the bread that Eashoa blessed. 24. And as the crowd saw that neither Eashoa, nor his disciples were there, they took to their [boats] and came to Capernaum, [looking] for Eashoa. 25. And as they found him at the crossing of the sea, they said to him, “[Our] Master, when did you come here?” 26. Eashoa replied and said to them, “Amen, amen, I am telling you that you want me, not because you saw miracles, except that you may eat your fill of bread. 27. “Do not work for the food that perishes, except [for] the food that [destines] you for eternal Life.* The hand of the Son of Man will give [it to] you. For [upon] this has the Father placed the seal of Allaha.” 28. They said to him, “What shall one do to do Allaha's work?” 29. Eashoa replied, telling them, “You do Allaha's work as you believe in whom he sends.” 30. They said to him, “What miracles do you do that we should see and believe in you? What can you make? 31. “Our ancestors ate manna in the desert, as it is written, that 'Bread from heaven he gave them to eat.’“ 32. Eashoa said to them, “Amen, amen, I am telling you, it was not Moses who gave you bread from heaven, except it was my Father who gave you the bread of blessing from heaven. 33. “For the bread of Allaha is that which comes down from heaven and gives Life to the universe*.” 34. They said, “Our Maryah, give us this bread always*.” 35. Eashoa told them, “I am the bread of Life. Whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall not thirst to the end of the universe. 36. “Except I told you that you saw me and you did not believe. 37. “Whoever my Father gives me, shall come to me; and whoever comes to me, shall not remain outside*. 38. “That I came down from heaven, not for my own satisfaction, except for the satisfaction of whom sent me. 39. “This is the desire* of the one who sent me, that no one whom He gives me shall be lost,* except [that] I shall raise them in the last day. 40. “For this is the desire* of my Father, that whoever sees the Son and believes in him, shall have Life everlasting* and [that] I shall raise them on the last day.” 

41. The Jews, however, did not like it*, since he said that I am the bread that came from heaven. 42. And they said, “Is this not Eashoa, son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? And how can he say that I have come from heaven?” 43. Eashoa replied and said to them, “Do not complain amongst yourselves*. 44. “No human [being] can come to me, except if the Father ransoms* them, and [thus] I shall raise them on the last day. 45. “For the prophet wrote that, 'They shall all be taught by Allaha.' Whoever thus hears from the Father and learns from Him, shall come to me. 46. “ It is not that a human [being] has seen the Father, except the one who has come from Allaha, he was the one who sees the Father. 47. “Amen, amen, I am telling you, that whoever believes in me has Life to [the end of] the universe. 48. “I am the bread of Life! 49. “Your ancestors ate manna in the wilderness and died. 50. “For this is the bread that comes down from heaven, that a human [being] eats and does not die! 51. “I am the living bread that came down from heaven. And if a human [being] eats of this bread, [they] shall live to [the end of] the universe. But the bread that I offer is my body, that on behalf of the lives of all the people I give.”* 

52. The Jews argued one with the other, (and) saying, “How can he give us his body to eat?” 53. And Eashoa told them, “Amen, amen, I am telling you that if you do not eat the body of the Son of Man, and drink his blood, you cannot [receive] the [triune] essences* of a Living [human being.] 54. “Whoever eats of my body and drinks of my blood, shall receive Life to [the end of] the universe, and I will [surely] raise them on the last day. 55. “For my body truly becomes food and my blood truly becomes drinkable. 56. “Whoever eats my body and drinks my blood, is strengthened* in me and I in them. 57. “Whoever the Living Father has sent me, (and I am alive because of the Father,) and whoever eats of me, they also Live [eternally] because of me. 58. “This is the bread that comes down from heaven. It is not like the manna that your ancestors ate and died. Whoever eats of this bread lives to [the end of] the universe.” 

59. These [things] he said in the synagogue as he taught in Capernaum. 60. And many of his disciples who heard, said, “This is a difficult concept*, who can understand* it?” 61. But Eashoa knew inside himself that the disciples were complaining about this, and he told them, “Did this confuse* you? 62. “Then [what will you think] if you see the Son of Man ascend to the state that he possessed of old? 63. “It is the Spirit that gives Life. The flesh does nothing. The words that I speak with you are of the Spirit and the Life. 64. “But there are those* among you that do not believe.” For Eashoa knew from the beginning* who were the ones who did not believe, and who was to betray* him. 65. And he told them, “Because of this I told you that no one* comes to me, if it were not given* to him by my Father.” 

66. Because of these words* many of his disciples fell away,* and did not go with him. 67. And Eashoa said to his twelve, “What [now,] are you also thinking of leaving?”* 68. Simon the Rock * replied and said, “My Maryah, to whom shall we go? You hold the words to eternal life!* 69. “And we have believed and understand that you [are] the Anointed One, Son of the Living Allaha!” 70. Eashoa [then] said to them, “Was it not I who picked* you [to be] the twelve, and [yet] one of you is Satan?!” 71. But he said this about Judas, son of Simon Iscariot. For [Judas] was prepared to betray* him--one of [those] twelve! 

Footnotes: 6:7. 1 Comparable to dollars. -- 6:7. 2 “One [by one.]” -- 6:8 Aramaic retained: “Peter.” -- 6:10. 1 “Human [beings.]” -- 6:10. 2 “Much.” -- 6:11 Literal expression: “[As much as they were] satisfied.” -- 6:12. 1 Literal expression: “And as they were satisfied.” -- 6:12. 2 “Sweep.” -- 6:14. 1 “Human [being.]” -- 6:14. 2 “The universe.” -- 6:18 “Concerning them.” -- 6:21. 1 “Satisfied.” -- 6:21. 2 Aramaic phrase: “And in that by hour.” -- 6:21. 3 “Land.” -- 6:27 Literal expression: “...that fastens [you] to Lives [to the end] of the universe.” -- 6:33 Aramaic retained. “People.” -- 6:34 “In every season.” -- 6:37 “Behind.” -- 6:39. 1 “Satisfaction.” -- 6:39. 2 “That every [one or thing] that He gives me does not [go to] oblivion from Him.” -- 6:40. 1 “Satisfaction.” -- 6:40. 2 Literal expression: “Lives to [the end of] the universe.” -- 6:41 Literal [Made a] muffled protest. -- 6:43 “One with one.” -- 6:44 “Saves.” -- 6:51 “My body that over the faces of the lives of the universe I give,” meaning: “for all.” -- 6:53 “Q'numeh.” -- 6:56 “Hardened,” or “fortified.” -- 6:60. 1 “Manifestation.” -- 6:60. 2 “Hear,” or “heed.” -- 6:61 “Whip.” -- 6:64. 1 “Human [beings.]” -- 6:64. 2 “Old.” -- 6:64. 3 “Deliver.” -- 6:65. 1 “Human [being.]” -- 6:65. 2 “Given, “ in the sense of a gift or a blessing. -- 6:66. 1 Figure of speech: “This manifestation, [or concept.]” -- 6:66. 2 Literal expression: “Went into retirement.” -- 6:67 Literal expression: “(For) what, also you are satisfied (you) for going [away?]” -- 6:68. 1 Peter. -- 6:68. 2 “The words of Lives to [the end of] the universe you have!” -- 6:70 Aramaic construction, suggesting a two-way ironic compliment. -- 6:71 “Deliver.”

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