Gospel of John 5:24-27

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24. A-meen, a-meen, amrina-l'khun: d'man d'shami' Milthi oo m'hai-min l'man sha-dirni, it-leh khayyeh l'allam oo l'dyanah la a-teh, illa shanni-leh min mo-tha l'khayyeh. 25. A-meen, a-meen, amrina-l'khun: de-atya sha'atah (ap hash-sha e-tee-ha) im-tee d'meetheh nish-mi-oun qa-lah d'Barrit-Allaha oo haleen d'nish-mi-oun nikhoon. 26. Eichana jeer del-Abba eet khayyeh b'Qnoom-heh, hei-cha-na ap yahib l'Barra, l'nih-woon khayyeh b'Qnoom-heh, 27. oo ishd-tal-litteh denih-weh awwid ap dei-nah, d-barreh hao din d'na-sha. 24. "Amen, amen, I am telling you, that whoever listens to my words and believes He who sent me, has [achieved] eternal* Life, and will not come [before] judgment, except they has passed from death to Life. 25. "Amen, amen, I am telling you, there comes an hour -- which has just arrived -- when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of Allaha (God), and those that hear [it] shall live [again.] 26. "Because as for the Father there is Life through his Trinity, so also He has given the Son Life through his Trinity; 27. "And his work is to be also to judge, since his Son was a human [being.]

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