Gospel of John chapter 21

Reading and Commentary by Vic Alexander

From the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures


John 21

1. After that, Eashoa again showed himself to his disciples on the Tiberius Sea. But this is how he showed [himself.] 2. They were sitting together, Simon the Rock, Thomas who is called The Twin, Nathaniel from Cana of Galilee, and the sons of Zebedee and two others from his disciples. 3. Simon the Rock said to them, “I am going out to catch* fish.”* They said to him, “We are coming too.” And they went* and descended into the vessel, and in that night they caught* nothing. 4. But as it became morning, Eashoa stood over that sea, and the disciples did not know that it was Eashoa. 5. And Eashoa said to them, “Children, what do you have to chew on?” They said to him, “Nothing.”* 6. He said to them, “Do your catching* from the right side of the vessel, and you will find.” And they threw [in their nets] and could not pull them out from the multitude of fish that filled* them. 7. And the disciple to whom Eashoa was merciful told Simon the Rock, “This is our Maryah!” But as Simon heard that it was the Maryah, he wrapped his robe around his back, since he was athletic, and he dived* into the sea so as to come to Eashoa. 8. The other disciples stayed* in the vessel, for they were [indeed] not very far from land, except for a couple hundred arm- lengths. And they pulled in the catch of fish. 9. But as they also came ashore,* they saw charcoal [all] stacked up,* and the fish placed* over them, and bread. 10. And Eashoa said to them, “Bring here some of the fish that you have just caught.” 11. And Simon the Rock came up pulling the catch on to land, full of large fish, one hundred and fifty-three, and with all that weight those nets* did not come apart*. 12. And Eashoa said to them, “Sit and [eat] breakfast.”* But not one* of them actually* asked him who he was, since they knew it was the Maryah. 13. But Eashoa came close and took the bread and the fish and gave it to them. 14. This is the third time* Eashoa was seen by his disciples, [after] he rose from the dead*. 

15. As they ate breakfast*, Eashoa said to Simon the Rock, “Simon, son of the Dove*, do you have more compassion for me than the others?”* He said, “Yes [indeed,] Maryah, you know that I have [great] affection* for you.” Eashoa said to him, “Shepherd my rams.” 16. [Eashoa] said to him again a second time*, “Simon, son of the Dove, do you have compassion for me?” He said, “Yes [indeed,] my Maryah, you know that I have [great] affection for you.” Eashoa said to him, “Shepherd my sheep.” 17. [Eashoa] said again to him a third time*, “Simon, son of the Dove, do you have compassion for me?” And it affected the Rock that he asked him three times*, “Do you have compassion for me?” And he said to him, “My Maryah, you command* everything, you know that I have great affection for you.” Eashoa said to him, “Shepherd my ewes*. 18. “Amen, amen, I am telling you, when you were a boy, you used to gird your back yourself and go about as you pleased. But when you get old, you will stretch out your hands and others will gird your back for you and take you where you are not pleased to go.” 19. But [Eashoa] said this to show by what death it was destined for [Simon the Rock ] to glorify Allaha. And as he said these [things,] he said to him, “Follow me.” 20. And Simon the Rock turned and saw the disciple to whom Eashoa was merciful coming after them, the one who had begged* Eashoa at the [Last] Supper and had asked, “My Maryah, who will betray you?” 21. But [now] as The Rock saw him, he said to Eashoa, “My Maryah, where is he going?”* 22. Eashoa said to him, “If it pleases* me to hold this one until I come, what is it to you?* You follow me.” 23. And the word* was out among the brothers, that this disciple would not die. But Eashoa had not [meant] that he would not die, except that, “If it pleases me that he would remain* here until I come, what is it to you?” 

24. That disciple that testified to all these, who also wrote these [things] and we know that his testimony was true. 25. But there were also a great many things that Eashoa did, that if they were written of one by one, not even the whole universe, I expect, would hold them all.* 

Footnotes: 21:3. 1 Lit Aramaic: “Hunt.” -- 21:3. 2 Lit Aramaic expression: “I go catch fishes,” or: I am going fishing. -- 21:3. 3 Lit Aramaic: “Exited.” -- 21:3. 4 Lit Aramaic: “Hunted.” -- 21:5 Lit Aramaic: “No.” -- 21:6. 1 Lit Aramaic construction: “Throw your catcher.” -- 21:6. 2 Lit Aramaic: “Took.” -- 21:7 Lit Aramaic: “Threw himself.” -- 21:8 Lit Aramaic: “Sat.” -- 21:9. 1 Lit Aramaic construction: “Ascended to land.” -- 21:9. 2 Lit Aramaic construction: “...[charcoal] embers while consecrated.” -- 21:9. 3 Lit Aramaic: “Consecrated.” -- 21:11. 1 Lit Aramaic: “ Catcher.” -- 21:11. 2 Lit Aramaic: “Become unraveled.” -- 21:12. 1 Lit Aramaic: “Ish'tar-ro,” also means: break your fast. -- 21:12. 2 Lit Aramaic: “Human.” -- 21:12. 3 Lit Aramaic: “[Put into] sentence.” -- 21:14. 1 Lit Aramaic: “Season.” -- 21:14. 2 Lit Aramaic: “House of the dead.” -- 21:15. 1 Lit Aramaic: Or, “Broke their fast.” -- 21:15. 2 Lit Aramaic: Symbol of the Holy Spirit. -- 21:15. 3 Lit Aramaic construction: “...do you have greater mercy for me than these?” -- 21:15. 4 Lit Aramaic: “Mercy.” -- 21:16 Lit Aramaic: “Season.” -- 21:17. 1 Lit Aramaic: “Season.” -- 21:17. 2 Lit Aramaic: “Seasons.” -- 21:17. 3 Lit Aramaic: Or, “Have wisdom over.” -- 21:17. 4 Lit Aramaic: “Females.” -- 21:20 Lit Aramaic expression: “Fell...over his behalf.” -- 21:21 Lit Aramaic expression: “And this one why?” -- 21:22. 1 Lit Aramaic: “Satisfies.” -- 21:22. 2 Lit Aramaic construction: “...to fix him until I come, (to you) what is it to you?” -- 21:23. 1 Lit Aramaic: “Manifestation.” -- 21:23. 2 Lit Aramaic: “Hold.” -- 21:25 Lit Aramaic construction: “...would empty out to the Books that would be written [thus.]”

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