Gospel of John chapter 17

Reading and Commentary by Vic Alexander

From the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures


John 17 

1. These [things] Eashoa spoke, and he raised his eyes to heaven and said, “My Father, the hour has arrived, glorify your Son, as your Son glorifies you. 2. “Whereas you have given him power* over all flesh, so that whomever you give shall attain Life eternal*. 3. “This then is eternal Life, that they shall know you to be the Allaha of Truth, infinitely supreme*, and who sent Eashoa the Messiah. 4. “I glorified you on earth. The work that you gave me to do, I have been faithful to. 5. “And now you are glorifying me, [my] Father, in your presence, by the glory that I had with you before the inception* of the universe. 6. “I have made your name known to humanity, the ones you gave me from the world. They were yours and you gave them to me and they honored* your manifestation. 7. “Now they know that everything you gave me was from you, 8. “That the words you gave me, [also] came from you.* And they received and understood truly that I emerged from you, and they believed that you sent me. 9. “And I wanted* them and it was not the world that I wanted, except these that you gave me, these that are yours. 10. “And everything that is mine is yours[,] and yours is mine and We have been glorified by them. 11. “And from now on I will not be among the people* and [yet] these will be among the people. And [as] I come to you, Holy Father, protect them by your name, that which you gave me; so that they may be one, just like Us. 12. “As I was with them in the world, I protected them by your name. These whom you gave me I protected. And not one* of them was lost*, except the son of destruction*, that came to finish [the prophecy of] the Scripture. 13. “Now that I am coming to you and these [things] I have spoken among the people*, so that my joy may be fulfilled in them. 14. “I gave them your manifestation* and the world* hated them, for they were not from the world, just as I am not of the world. 15. “It was not that I wanted you to take them out of the world, except to protect them against the evil one. 16. “For they were not of the world, just as I was not of the world. 17. “Father, bless them with your Truth, for your manifestation is the Truth. 18. “Just as you sent me into the world, I too send them into the world. 19. “And in their sight* I shall glorify myself, so that they too shall be glorified by the truth. 20. “And it was not for their benefit* alone that I wanted [this,] except also for the sake* of those who believe in me through their [own] manifestation. 21. “So that they all become one, whereas you my father are in me and I in you, so also they in Us become one, so that the world* may believe that you sent me. 22. “And I, the glory that you gave me, I give to them, to become one, just as We are One. 23. “I in them and you in me, so that they unite* into one. And so that the world* shall know that you sent me, and that you love them just as you loved me. 24. “Father, these that you have given me, I am satisfied that they* are mine; may they also be with me, so they may witness* the glory that is mine, which you have given me, that you loved me before* the foundation* of the universe. 25. “You are my righteous Father, and the world* does not know you, but I have known you, and they know that you have sent me. 26. “And you made them understand your name and I declared* it, so that the love with which you loved me may be in them, and so I [also] may be in them.” 

Footnotes: 17:1 “Responsibility.” -- 17:2 “To [the end of] the universe.” -- 17:3 “Alone.” -- 17:5 “Light.” -- 17:6 “Guarded,” “accepted” and “observed.” -- 17:8. 1 “..., you gave them.” -- 17:8. 2 Literal Also, “loved.” -- 17:11 “World.” -- 17:12. 1 “Human.” -- 17:12. 2 “[Passed to] oblivion.” -- 17:12. 3 “The oblivionater.” -- 17:13 “...in the world,” or publicly. -- 17:14. 1 Aramaic retained. “Trinity.” -- 17:14. 2 “People.” -- 17:19 “Over their faces.” or on their side. -- 17:20. 1 “Faces.” -- 17:20. 2 “Faces.” -- 17:21 “The people.” -- 17:23. 1 “Shrink.” -- 17:23. 2 “People.” -- 17:24. 1 “These.” -- 17:24. 2 “Be seeing.” -- 17:24. 3 “From before.” -- 17:24. 4 Literal Physical raising of structures, as in “building.” -- 17:25 “The people.” -- 17:26 “Confessed.”

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