Gospel of John chapter 16

Reading and Commentary by Vic Alexander

From the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures


John 16

1. “These [things] I told* you so that you will not be confused.* 2. “For they will throw you out of their synagogues, and the hour will come that whoever kills you presumes that they are making an offering to Allaha. 3. “And these [things] they do because they do not know [anything,] and neither [do they know] my Father nor me. 4. “These [things] I made known* to you so that whatever happens at those times, that you will remember [and] understand that I told you so. From the beginning I did not tell you of these [times,] for I was with you then.

5. “Now that I am [about] to go [back] to Who sent me, and not one* of you is asking me, where are you going?' 6. “[Then] I told you these [things] and suddenly* your hearts are full! 7. “But I am telling you the truth, it will benefit you that I am going. For if I do not go, the Advocate will not come to you. For when I go, I will send Him to you. 8. “And when He comes, He shall instruct the people* on sin, righteousness and judgment*; 9. “On sin, since they did not believe in me; 10. “On righteousness, since, as I go to my Father, and you will not see me again; 11. “On judgment, since the policeman* of the world here was judged. 12. “Again, I have much to tell you, except you cannot take it all in now. 13. “But when the Spirit of Truth comes, He* will provide you with all the truth, not that He speaks of his own self;* except He speaks [only*] what He hears, revealing to you the forthcoming [events.]* 14. “And He glorifies me, since He manifests* what is mine and reveals* it to you. 15. “Whatever my Father has is mine. That is why I said to you that he manifests what is mine and reveals it to you. 16. “Soon* you will not see me and a little later* and you will see me, as I will go to my Father.” 

17. And the disciples said one to another*, “What is this that he told us, that 'Soon you will not see me and a little later and you will see me,' and that, 'I will go to my Father?’" 18. And they said, “What is this 'soon' he talks about? We do not understand what he is saying.” 19. But Eashoa knew they wanted to question him, and he said to them, “Do you want me to tell you altogether about this, that soon you will not see me and a little later and you will see me?  20. “Amen, amen, I am telling you, that you will weep and wail, and the world* will rejoice, and for you a memorial, except your requiem will become a celebration*. 21. “When a woman gives birth, she is anxious for the day of birth to arrive, and when she gives birth to the child* she does not [long] remember* the pain, because of the joy of bringing* a human being into the world. 22. “Also, you too are anxious now. So you can see me again and [that] your heart should rejoice and your joy no one* will [be able to] take* away from you. 23. “And on that Day you will not ask me anything. Amen, amen, I am telling you, that whatever you ask of my Father in my name, you shall receive it. 24. “Even though until now you have not asked anything in my name. Ask and be assured* that your joy shall be complete. 25. “Until now I have spoken to you figuratively. There will come a time when I shall no longer speak with you figuratively, except that [is when] I shall introduce you openly* to the Father. 26. “On that Day [when] you ask in my name, and I will no longer say to you that I am asking the Father [on your behalf,] 27. “For the Father himself shall have mercy on you, since you were merciful to me, and you shall [also] believe that I have emerged from the Father. 28. “I emerged from the Father and came to the world*, and again I leave the world and I go [on my way*] to the Father.” 

29. His disciples said to him, “Behold, now you are speaking openly*, and not one figurative [word] did you use.* 30. “Now we know that you know everything. And you need no one* to ask you. By this we believe that you have come* from Allaha.” 31. Eashoa said to them, “Do believe 32. “That, behold, the hour will come, and [indeed] it has now arrived, that you will scatter out, each man to his land*, and you will leave me by myself, and not that I am alone, [for] the Father is with me. 33. “These [things] I am telling you, that through me you have peace. In the world you will be persecuted. except take heart*, I have conquered the world!” 

Footnotes: 16:1. 1 “Manifested among.” -- 16:1. 2 “Crushed up.” -- 16:4 “Manifested.” -- 16:5 “Human.” -- 16:6 “Briefly coming.” -- 16:8. 1 Literal The world.” -- 16:8. 2 “Over sin, over righteousness and over judgment.” -- 16:11 Satan. -- 16:13. 1 The Holy Spirit. -- 16:13. 2 Aramaic expression: “...of His own opinion.” -- 16:13. 3 Aramaic: “Everything.” -- 16:13. 4 Aramaic construction: “...and that which comes He makes known to you.” -- 16:14. 1 Aramaic: “Plants.” -- 16:14. 2 Aramaic: “Shows.” -- 16:16. 1 Aramaic: “A little and.” -- 16:16. 2 Aramaic: “Again.” -- 16:17 Aramaic: “To one.” -- 16:20. 1 Aramaic: “The people.” -- 16:20. 2 Aramaic: “To happiness.” -- 16:21. 1 Aramaic: “Boy.” -- 16:21. 2 Aramaic: “Recognize.” -- 16:21. 3 Aramaic: “Child birth of.” -- 16:22. 1 Aramaic: “Human.” -- 16:22. 2 Aramaic: “Extract.” -- 16:24 Aramaic: “Satisfied.” -- 16:25 Aramaic: “Revealingly.” -- 16:28. 1 Aramaic: “The people.” -- 16:28. 2 Aramaic: “I,” as in the expression: “There I go!” -- 16:29. 1 Aramaic: “Revealingly.” -- 16:29. 2 Aramaic: “Say.” -- 16:30. 1 Aramaic: “Human [being.]” -- 16:30. 2 Aramaic: “Emerged.” -- 16:32 Aramaic: Or, “country.” -- 16:33. 1 Aramaic construction: “...have persecution.” -- 16:33. 2 Aramaic: “Be hearted.” .

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