Gospel of John chapter 15

Reading and Commentary by Vic Alexander

From the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures


John 15

1. “I am the true Vine and my Father is the Worker. 2. “Whichever branch that does not produce* fruit by me, He cuts* it off. And the one that produces fruit, He prunes* it, so that it brings* much fruit. 3. “You are already* pruned, because of the manifestation I presented* you. 4. “Graft* yourselves onto me, and I onto you, for the branch cannot bring* fruit by* itself, if it is not grafted* to the vine; likewise you also, if you do not adhere to me. 5. “I am the vine and you are the branches. Whoever adheres to me and I to them, they shall bring much fruit. Because without me, you cannot do anything. 6. “For if a person* does not adhere to me, they are cast out. Like a branch that withers, [which] they cut off and throw into the fire to burn. 7. “And for those of you who adhere to me and my words take hold* in you, whatever you wish* to ask for, you shall have. 8. “By this the Father is glorified, that you bear* plentiful fruit. And that you become my disciples. 9. “Just as my Father has loved me, I too shall love you. Nourish* [yourselves] with my love* 10. “If you observe* my commandments, you will be strengthened by my love; just as I guarded the commandments of my Father and have become strengthened by His love. 11. “I gave you these words so that my happiness is [expressed] through you and that happiness should encompass your happiness as well. 12. “This then is my commandment, that you love one another* just as I loved you. 13. “There is no greater love than this, that a person* sacrifices* himself for his kinsmen.* 14. “You are my relatives*, if you do everything I tell* you. 15. “From the beginning I did not call you servants*, because the servants do not know what the master does; I called you relatives*, because everything I heard from my Father I made known to you. 16. “It was not you who chose me, except it was I who chose you, and invited* you, so that you should also go and bring fruits, and that your fruit be continuous.* So that whatever you ask of my Father in my name, He shall give you. 17. “This I command you, that you love one another. 18. “And if the world* hates you, remember* that they hated me first. 19. “And if you were of the world, then the world would have been kind to me. Except you are not of this world. But because I chose you [out] from this world, the world hates you. 20. “Be cognizant of the manifestation I expressed to you, that there is no servant* greater than his master. If they throw me out, they will throw you out. And if they recognize* my manifestation, they will recognize* you also. 21. “Except they do all these [things] to you because of my name, [because] they do not recognize whom sent me. 22. “But if I had not come to manifest myself to them, they would not have had sin. But now they have no excuse for* their sins. 23. “Whoever hates me, also hates my Father. 24. “And if I had not performed the works in response [to that,] those that no one* has [ever] done, they would have no sin. But now [I have,] and they have seen and have [still] hated me as well as my Father. 25. “So that my manifestation is fulfilled, as is written in their law, that, 'They hated me for nothing!*' 26. “But when the Advocate comes, Whom I shall send to you from my Father, the Spirit of Truth Who emerges from my Father, He shall testify on my behalf. 27. “Also you shall testify, that from the beginning you have been with me. 

Footnotes: 15:2. 1 “Give.” -- 15:2. 2 “Takes.” -- 15:2. 3 “Cleanses.” -- 15:2. 4 “Comes.” -- 15:3. 1 Literal expression: “Here you are.” -- 15:3. 2 “Talked among.” -- 15:4. 1 “Adhere,” “strengthen.” -- 15:4. 2 “That to come.” -- 15. 4. 3 “From.” -- 15:4. 4 “...take hold on.” -- 15:6 “Human.” -- 15:7. 1 “Adhere,” “become strong.” -- 15:7. 2 “[Are] satisfied with.” -- 15:8 “Bring.” -- 15:9. 1 “Adhere.” -- 15:9. 2 “By my mercies.” -- 15:10. 1 “Obey.” -- 15:12 “To one.” -- 15:13. 1 “Human [being.]” -- 15:13. 2 “Consecrates.” -- 15:13. 3 Literal Or, “Relatives,” especially, in-law family members [not immediate relatives of the bride, but of her extended family members acquired through marriage, often from another village.] The word is very specific in old Biblical land traditions; however, here it is used to indicate new relatives. -- 15:14. 1 “Family of the bride.” -- 15:14. 2 “Order.” -- 15:15. 1 “Slaves.” -- 15:15. 2 Literal Or, “in-laws.” -- 15:16. 1 Literal expression: “Made you dinner guests.” -- 15:16. 2 “Holding.” -- 15:17 “The people.” -- 15:18 “Know.” -- 15:20. 1 “Slave.” -- 15:20. 2 “Observe,” “hold.” -- 15:20. 3 “Accept,” “follow.” -- 15:22 “Facing over.” -- 15:24 Literal expression: “No human [being.]” -- 15:25 Literal expression: “For free,” or without cause.

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