Gospel of John chapter 13

Reading and Commentary by Vic Alexander

From the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures


John 13

1. Then before the Passover feast, Eashoa knew that his hour was at hand*, that he would pass from this universe* to his Father. And he loved his own who were in this world*, and [indeed] he loved them to the end.* 

2. And as it was supper time, Satan arose in the heart of Judah, son of Simon Iscariot, to betray [Eashoa.] 3. At which Eashoa, since he knew that the Father had placed everything into his hands, and that he had emerged from Allaha and to whom he was returning; 4. He rose from supper and placed [aside] his outer garments* and took up a cloth and wrapped* it [around] his back. 5. And he poured* water in the washing basin and began washing the feet of his disciples and wiping them with the cloth that was wrapped on his back. 6. But as he came to Simon the Rock *, Simon said to him, “You, my Maryah, you will wash my feet?” 7. Eashoa replied and told him, “The thing that I do [now,] you do not know what it is yet, but later you will know.” 8. Simon the Rock said to him, “To [the end of] the universe you will never wash my feet.”* Eashoa told him, “If I do not wash you, you will not be beholden to me.” 9. Simon the Rock said to him, “In that case,* my Maryah, not only wash me my feet, except also my hands and head!” 10. Eashoa told him, “The ones who have showered, need only have their feet washed, for they are entirely clean. Also, you [too] are all clean--except not all of you.” 11. For Eashoa knew the one* who would betray him. for this [reason] he said that, “You are not altogether clean.” 12. As he had washed their feet, he took on his [outer] garments and [resumed] his place at [the supper table,] and he told them, “Do you know what I did for you? 13. “You call me 'Our Master' and 'Our Maryah,' and it is beautiful [that] you say it, because I am. 14. “If I am thus your Maryah and your Master washing your feet, how much more you should be obligated to wash each other's* feet. 15. “For this is an example I am setting* for you, that just as I did for you, you also do. 16. “Amen, amen, I am telling you, that there is no servant* greater than his master, and no apostle greater than whom sent him. 17. “If these [things] you do understand*, you are blessed if you [also] observe* them. 18. “I did not say it regarding* all of you, for I know whom* I have chosen, except that the Scripture had to be fulfilled*. That, 'The one who eats bread with me, raises his heel against me.'* 19. “As of now I am telling you before* it happens, so that whatever happens that you may believe that I am I. 20. “Amen, amen, I am telling you, that whoever receives whom I send, receives me. And whoever receives me, receives whom sent me.” 21. Eashoa said these [things,] and feeling a profound tenderness*, he announced*, saying, “Amen, amen, I am telling you, that one of you shall betray me.” 22. The disciples then began looking at each other*, for they did not know about* whom he said it. 23. There was one among his disciples who stayed very close* to Eashoa, for whom Eashoa felt pity*. 24. To him Simon the Rock gave the signal to inquire [as to] whom [Eashoa] spoke of. 25. And the disciple begged* Eashoa to tell him, “Who is he?” 26. Eashoa replied and said, “He is the one for whom I immerse* the bread and give it to him.” And Eashoa immersed the bread and gave it to Judah, son of Simon Iscariot. 27. And after the bread [was given to him,*] Satan commenced to work on him.* And Eashoa told him, “The thing that you will do, do it quickly.” 

28. This [that he said,] not one* of them, of the partakers [of the supper,] knew concerning whom he said it. 29. Some* of them expected, since Judah took care of the purse, that [Eashoa] instructed* him to buy the necessary things for the feast, those [things] that [they gave] to the poor. 30. But Judah took the bread according to his schedule* and made his exit*. It was night as he left. 31. And Eashoa said, “Now the Son of Man shall be glorified, and Allaha is glorified through him. 32. “And if Allaha is glorified through him and also Allaha glorifies him then* as One they glorify him. 33. “[My] children* I am with you [only] a little more and you shall search for me, and as I told the Judeans that, 'Where I go, you cannot come' also, to you I say now. 34. “I give you a new commandment, that you shall love one another*, just as I loved you, you too love one another. 35. “By this everyone* will know that you are my disciples, if there is love in you one for the other*.” 36. Simon the Rock said to him, “Where are you going?” Eashoa replied and told him, “Where I go, you cannot come after me yet. You will come later.” 37. Simon the Rock said, “My Maryah, why can I not come after you now, [and] offer* myself in sacrifice* for you.” 38. Eashoa said to him, “You will sacrifice yourself in my place? Amen, amen, I am telling you, the rooster will not have crowed before you deny me three times*. 

Footnotes: 13:1. 1 “Had arrived.” -- 13:1. 2 Aramaic retained. “World,” or “people.” -- 13:1. 3 Aramaic construction, also: “Among those people.” -- 13:4. 2 “Struck.” -- 13:5 “Threw.” -- 13:6 “Peter.” -- 13:8 Aramaic expression retained. “You will never in a million years wash my feet!” -- 13:9 “Because of that.” -- 13:11 “Who.” --  13:14 “One to one.” -- 13:15 “Giving.” -- 13:16 “Slave.” -- 13:17. 1 “Know.” -- 13:17. 2 “Do.” -- 13:18. 1 “Over,” about. -- 13:18. 2 “To whom.” -- 13:18. 3 “Adhered to.” -- 13:18. 4 “Turns against.” Other usage: “rejection” or “walking off.” -- 13:19 “From before.” -- 13:21. 1 “His spirit felt a longing.” -- 13. 21. 2 “Testified.” -- 13:22. 1 “One to one.” -- 13:22. 2 “Over.” -- 13:23. 1 Literal expression: “Leaned against his bosom.” -- 13:23. 2 Literal expression: “...to whom Eashoa was merciful.” -- 13:25 Literal expression: “Fell on his behalf.” -- 13:26 “Immerse [in the bowl of stew,] traditional method of eating in Biblical times. -- 13:27. 1 Aramaic construction retained. “After he was fed.” -- 13:27. 2 “...busied [himself] with him.” -- 13:28 “Human [being.]” -- 13:29. 1 “Human [being.]” -- 13:29. 2 “Ordered him to order.” -- 13:30. 1 Literal expression: “After his hour.” -- 13:30. 2 Literal expression: “Emerged to outside.” -- 13:32 “And.” -- 13:33 “My sons.” -- 13:34 “To one.” -- 13:35. 1 “Human [being.]” -- 13:35. 2 “To one.” -- 13:37. 1 “Consecrate.” -- 13:37. 2 “In your place.” -- 13:38 “Seasons.”

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