Gospel of John chapter 12

Reading and Commentary by Vic Alexander

From the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures


John 12

1. Eashoa, six days before the Passover, had come to Bethany, where Lazarus was [also] there now*, whom Eashoa had raised from the dead*. 2. And they made supper for him, and Martha was serving* and Lazarus was one of the partakers* with them. 3. Then Mary took a vessel of superb* Nardine incense [oil,] extremely rare, and anointed the feet of Eashoa and covered his feet with her hair, and the [whole] house was filled with the smell of incense. 4. And Judas Iscariot, one of his disciples, who was destined to betray him, said, 5. “Why not sell the oil for three hundred Dinars and give [them] to the poor?” 6. This which he said was not because he wanted to waste it on the poor,* except that he was a thief and [holder] of their purse and whatever* fell into his [hands] he took*. 7. But Eashoa said, “Let* her conduct* my burial day [ceremony.] 8. “For you always* have poor [people] with you, but me you will not always have with you.” 

9. And great crowds of Jews heard that Eashoa was there, and they came not only for the sake of [seeing] Eashoa, except also to see Lazarus whom he raised from the dead*. 10. And the high priests conspired* to kill Lazarus also. 11. Because of [the fact] that a great many of the Jews went and believed in Eashoa because of [Lazarus.] 12. And the following* day, a huge crowd came to the feast, as they heard that Eashoa would come to Jerusalem, 13. They took palm branches and went out to meet him, crying out and saying, “Hosannah!* Blessed is he who comes in the name of Maryah King of Israel.” 

14. Eashoa then found a donkey and rode* it, as is written of, 15. “Do not succumb*, daughter of Zion, behold, your King is Coming, born [carrier of*] burdens.” 

16. For these [things] his disciples did not know at that time*, except as Eashoa became glorified, they remembered that these [things] were written about him, and which he performed. 17. And the crowd that was with him testified that he called out Lazarus from the tomb and he raised him from the dead*. 18. And because of this, great crowds went out to receive him, as they heard that he performed this miracle. 19. The Pharisees said one to the other*, “You see how you have no effect [on the people] whatsoever? Behold, all the people* are following him!” 

20. But there were individuals* from [other] nations there who had come up for worshipping during the feast. 21. These [people] came near to Philip, who was from Bethsaida of Galilee, and asked him, saying to him, “We wish* to see Eashoa.” 22. And Philip went and told Andrew, and Andrew and Philip [then] told Eashoa. 23. Eashoa then replied and told them, “It is coming, the hour that the Son of Man shall be glorified. 

24. “Amen, amen, I am telling you, that a grain of wheat, if it does not fall and die* into the earth, it shall remain by itself*; but, if it dies, it brings forth great rebirth*. 25. “Whoever pamper themselves, go to oblivion; And whoever make themselves unpopular among the people, these [are the ones who] await the everlasting Life.* 26. “If someone becomes my servant,* they shall follow me; and where I go to, there also my servants shall follow. Whoever serves me, shall find favor with my Father.* 27. “My being is troubled now, and what shall I say, 'Father, deliver me from this hour?' Except it is to fulfill this hour that I have come.* 28. “Creator*, glory [to] your name!”  And a voice sounded from heaven: “Be glorified! And again glorify!” 

29. And the crowds that stood, heard [it] and said, “It was thunder!” But others said, “An angel spoke with him.” 30. Eashoa replied and told them, “It was not for my sake that this utterance was heard,* Except for your sake. 31. “Now, the judgment of this universe is [at hand*.] Now, the ruler of the world here, shall be cast outside. 32. “And I [as I surely*] shall rise out of the earth, [empower*] every human being to come to me.” 

33. This he said, to show by which death he would die.* 34. The crowds said to him, “We have understood* from the Law that the Anointed One shall rule* to eternity. How can you say that the raising of the Son of Man was predestined? Who is this Son of Man?” 

35. Eashoa told them, “For a short while* longer, walk [in the light,] those of you who have the Light, so that the darkness does not overtake* you. And whoever walks in darkness, sees not where they go. 36. “Those of you who have the Light, believe in the Light, so that you become Enlightened!*” These [things] Eashoa spoke and [then he] went [away] from them [in] secret.* 

37. And [even] as he performed all these miracles before them, they did not believe in him. 38. That the coming of the Manifestation be fulfilled, of which Isaiah the prophet spoke, “My Maryah, who believes upon hearing us, and to whom the Arm* is to be revealed?” 

39. It is for this [reason] that they could not believe; [and] because of it Isaiah said again, 40. That, “Their eyes are blinded and their hearts darkened, so that they do not see with their eyes, and understand in their hearts, and face up to it, and I would cleanse them.” 

41. These [things] Isaiah said, as he saw his* glory and spoke about him. 42. Also of their leaders, many believed in him, except it was because of the Pharisees that they did not confess [their faith,] so that they would not be [thrown] out of the synagogue. 43. For they desired* the praise* of mankind* more than the glorification of Allaha. 

44. Then Eashoa cried out and said, “Whoever believes in me, does not believe in me, except in whom sent me. 45. “And whoever sees me, sees the one who sent me. 46. “I am the Light that came to the universe*, So that whoever believes in me, does not remain* in darkness. 47. “And whoever hears my words* and observes them not I will not condemn* them. for I did not come to condemn* the universe*, except to give Life to the universe. 48. Whoever persecutes me and does not accept my teachings*, there will be someone who judges them. The Manifestation that I represent*, will judge them on the last day. 49. “That which I of my own self did not utter*, except the Father who sent me [did,] [He] gave me the power* what to say and what to speak. 50. “And I know that his commandment represents everlasting Life.* I speak thus, as my Father told me [to speak] --thus I speak.” 

Footnotes: 12:1. 1 “Had come.” -- 12:1. 2 “House of the dead.” -- 12:2. 1 “Ministering.” -- 12:2. 2 Literal Supper guests. -- 12:3 “Of top [quality.]” -- 12:6. 1 Literal expression: “...was not because he was idling over the poor.” -- 12:6. 2 “Locked shares.” -- 12:6. 3 “Everything.” -- 12:6. 4 “Bore it.” -- 12:7. 1 “Leave.” -- 12:7. 2 “Observance.” -- 12:8 “In every season.” -- 12:9 “House of dead.” -- 12:10 “Conferred.” -- 12:12 “Other.” -- 12:13. 1 “...on his way.” -- 12:13. 2 “Ou-sha-na!”: “Our Living or Life-Giving Branch,” or “Our Eashoa,” meaning “Life-Giver,” or as commonly translated in English: “Savior.” -- 12:13. 3 “Sat on.” -- 12:15. 1 “[Give in out of] fear.” -- 12:15. 2 “For.” -- 12:15. 3 Literal Also: “Ass.” -- 12:16 “Season.” -- 12:17 “House of the dead.” -- 12:19. 1 “One.” -- 12:19. 2 Aramaic construction retained. “You have lost your influence!” -- 12:19. 3 “Universe.” -- 12:20 “Human [beings.]” -- 12:21 “[Would be] satisfied.” -- 12:24. 1 “In death.” -- 12:24. 2 Aramaic construction retained. “It shall remain nothing more than a grain.” -- 12:24. 3 “Young born [flocks.]” -- 12:25 “[They] who are merciful to their [own] beings, [proceed] to oblivion; and [they] who hate their [own] beings [as] the world [or among the people,] they observe (to) Life to [the end of] the universe.” -- 12:26. 1 “If to me man[kind] serves.” -- 12:26. 2 “The Father respects them.” -- 12:27 “Except because of this I have come to this hour.” -- 12:28 “Father.” -- 12:30 “That this voice sounded.” -- 12:31 “Is this.” -- 12:32. 1 “When I [surely.]” -- 12:32. 2 “Bring [to me.]” -- 12:33 Aramaic construction retained. “He said this to clarify the kind of death he was talking about.” -- 12:34. 1 “Heard.” -- 12:34. 2 “Bind.” -- 12:35. 1 “Season.” -- 12:35. 2 “Overshadow.” -- 12:36. 1 “So that the Light you become!” -- 12:36. 2 “...and [he] went hiding from them.” -- 12:38 Aramaic retained. “Manifestation.” -- 12:41 Reference here is to Eashoa. -- 12:43. 1 “[Sought] mercy of.” -- 12:43. 2 “Glorification.” -- 12:43. 3 “Human beings.” -- 12:46. 1 Aramaic retained. “People.” -- 12:46. 2 “Become stuck.” -- 12:47. 1 “Speech.” -- 12:47. 2 “Judge.” -- 12:47. 3 “Judge.” -- 12:47. 4 “People.” -- 12:48. 1 “Sayings.” -- 12:48. 2 “Speak.” -- 12:49. 1 “Speak.” -- 12:49. 2 “Command.” -- 12:50 “And I know that his commandment they are Lives to [the end of] the universe.”

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