Gospel of John chapter 11

Reading and Commentary by Vic Alexander

From the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures


John 11

1. There was a sick man, Lazarus, from the village of Bethany, the brother of Mary and Martha. 2. Mary was [the woman] who had anointed the feet of Eashoa with incense [oil] and she had wiped them with her hair. Her brother was [this same] Lazarus who was [now] sick. 3. And the two sisters sent for Eashoa and said, “Our Maryah, behold, the one to whom you have [shown your] mercy is ill.* 4. Eashoa then said, “This illness is not deadly*, except for the sake of Allaha's glory, through which the Son of Allaha shall be glorified.” 5. Now Eashoa loved Mary, Martha and Lazarus. 6. And he heard [Lazarus] was sick, he [sat] tight where he was for a couple of days. 7. After that he said to his disciples, “Come, let us go again to Judea.” 8. His disciples told him, “[Our] Maryah, the Judeans were just [recently] trying to stone you, and you want to go there now?” 9. Eashoa told them, “Are not there twelve hours in a day? And if human beings* wander in day [time,] they will not lose their way, since they see the Light of the universe here. 10. “And if [they] wander at night now, they will be lost, since the Light is not in them.” 11. These [things] Eashoa told them, and later he explained*. “Lazarus lies in our care.* Except I should go so* they can show him [to me.]” 12 His disciples told him, “[Our] Maryah, if he sleeps, he will be restored*.” 13. But Eashoa said it about his death, and they expected [that] it was about restful sleep* that he spoke of. 14. Eashoa told them, “Plainly [speaking,] Lazarus is dead. 15. “And I am glad that I was not there, since you will not believe unless you went there [yourselves.]*” 16. Thomas, who is called the Twin, said to his disciple friends, “Let us also go and die with [Lazarus]!” 

17. And Eashoa came to Bethany and found out that [Lazarus] had been in the grave four days [already.] 18. It [so] happened Bethany was on the side of Jerusalem, away* from it [by] about fifteen furloughs. 19. And many Jews* came to Martha and Mary, who sorrowed* in their hearts because of their brother. 20. But as Martha heard that Eashoa was coming, she rushed to meet him.* Mary [though] stayed home. 21. And Martha said to Eashoa, “My Maryah, if you had come to us, my brother would not have died. 22. “Even though I know that even now however much you ask of Allaha, He shall give you.” 23. Eashoa told her, “Your brother shall rise.” 24. Martha told him, “I know that he shall rise in the resurrection of the last days.*” 25. Eashoa told her, “I am the Resurrection and the Life, and whoever believes in me, even though they be dead, shall Live, 26. “And whoever that Lives and believes in me, shall never die*. Do you believe this?” 27. She told him, “Yes, that I do, my Maryah! I do* believe, that you are the Anointed Son of Allaha Who Comes to the universe!” 28. And as she said these [things,] she went and called Mary, her sister, secretly, and told her, “Our Maryah has come and calls you.” 29. And as Mary heard [that,] she rose quickly and came to [Eashoa.] 30. Although Eashoa had not yet gone to the village, except he was in the same place where Martha saw him. 31. Also those Jews that were with [Mary] in the house, who loved her, [when] they saw that Mary got up quickly and left, they followed her, expecting that she was [most likely*] going to the grave to cry. 32. But when Mary arrived where Eashoa was and saw him, she fell at his feet and told him, “If you had been with us, my Maryah, my brother would not have died.” 33. But as Eashoa saw her crying and the Jews that came with her crying, he felt profound tenderness* and compassion*. 34. And he said, “Where have you placed* him?” And they told him, “Our Maryah, come and see!” 35. And it brought tears to Eashoa' eyes.* 36. And the Jews said, “Look, how much mercy he felt* for him!” 37. The people* said, “Could he not, he who opened the eyes of the blind, also do [something] so that [Lazarus*] would not die?” 38. But as Eashoa was moved by them*, he came to the grave* [site] where there was a cave, and the stone was placed on its entrance.* 39. And Eashoa said, “Take this stone [away.]” Martha, the sister of the dead [man,] told him, “My Maryah, he is [already] decomposing*, for it has been four days!” 40. Eashoa told her, “Did I not tell you that if you [all] believe, you shall see the glory of Allaha?” 41. And they removed the stone. And [thus] Eashoa raised his eyes up and said, “Creator*, I declare [your will] that you will hear me. 42. “And I know that you will always* hear me. Except for the sake* of this crowd I say these [things,] so that they may believe that you have sent me.” 43. And as he said these [things,] he called out in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come outside!” 44. And the dead [man] emerged [with] his hands and legs still* wrapped in pieces of cloth and his head wrapped in linen*. Eashoa told them, “Unwrap* him and let him go.” 

45. And many of the Jews who came to Mary, as they saw the things Eashoa did, believed in him. 46. And people* from them went to the Pharisees, and told them everything that Eashoa did.

47. And the high* priests and Pharisees congregated* and said, “What shall we do [now] that this man is performing great miracles? 48. “And if we leave him like this, everybody* will believe in him, and the Romans will come and take away our country and our people.” 49. One of them who was listening, Caiaphas, was leader of the priests for that year, and he said to them, “You do not understand* anything. 50. “[For] do you not believe* that it suits* us [better] that one man should die on behalf of all the people, and [so as] not all the people should [go] to oblivion.” 51. But this he did not say of himself, except for [the fact*] that he was leader of the priests for that year, [and] he [therefore] prophesied that Eashoa was destined to die on behalf of all the people; 52. And not only on behalf of the people alone, except that also [all] the children* of Allaha, that are scattered, [Eashoa] shall sweep [them] together into one [body.] 53. And from that day they intended* to kill him. 

54. Because of this Eashoa did not walk about openly* among the Jews, except he went from there to the country near the wilderness, to the mill which is called Aprim, and there he met together with his disciples. 55. Since the Passover of the Jews was approaching*, (and) many went up from the villages to Jerusalem, before the feast, so that they could cleanse themselves. 56. And they wanted [to find] Eashoa, and they said one to the other* in the temple, “What do you expect, that he will not come to the feast?” 57. But the high priests and the Pharisees had instructed* them, that if anyone knew where [Eashoa] was to [come and] fetch them, so as they may seize* him. 

Footnotes: 11:3 Aramaic construction retained. “[Our] Maryah, your follower is ill.” -- 11:4 “Of death.” -- 11:9 “The human being.” -- 11:11. 1 “Told them.” -- 11. 11. 2 Literal expression: “[Under] our mercy [he] rests.” -- 11:11. 3 “That.” -- 11:12 “Strengthened.” -- 11:13 “Sleepiness of sleep.” -- 11:15 “Because you [all] that believe, except [if] you [rush] (to) there.” -- 11:18 “Escape.” -- 11:19. 1 “From the Jews.” -- 11:19. 2 “Slept.” -- 11:20 “She emerged to his way.” -- 11:24 “By the resurrection by the last day.” -- 11:26 “Shall not die to the end of the universe.” -- 11:27 “I do I!” -- 11:31 “Because.” -- 11:33. 1 Literal expression: “Longed in [his] spirit,” or: his heart melted. -- 11:33. 2 Literal expression: “[Poured out] his soul,” or he was moved. [There is no true English language equivalent.] -- 11:34 “Consecrated.” -- 11:35 “And they came, the tears of Eashoa.” -- 11:36 “Had.” -- 11:37. 1 “Human [beings.]” -- 11:37. 2 “This one.” -- 11:38. 1 “But as Eashoa [felt] tenderness in his eyes, and for them.” -- 11:38. 2 “Home of.” -- 11:38. 3 “And that house of burial [was] a cave and the stone was consecrated over its door.” -- 11:39 “From his skin [he emits] ugliness.” -- 11:41. 1 “Father.” -- 11:41. 2 “Father, I confess you that you hear me.” -- 11:42. 1 “In every season.” -- 11:42. 2 “Because.” -- 11:44. 1 “As.” -- 11:44. 2 “By shirt.” -- 11:44. 3 “Untie.” -- 11:46 “Human [beings.]” -- 11:47. 1 Henceforth, “master of priests” will be translated as: “high priests.” -- 11:47. 2 “Convened the synagogue.” -- 11:48 “Every human [beings.]” -- 11:49 “Know.” -- 11:50. 1 “From to think.” -- 11:50. 2 “[Pleasant] surprise.” -- 11:51 “Because.” -- 11:52 “Sons of.” -- 11:53 “Thought [in terms] of his killing.” -- 11:54 “Revealingly.” -- 11:55 “Nearing.” -- 11:56 “The one.” -- 11:57 “Commanded.” -- 11:58. 1 “Human [being.]” -- 11:58. 2 “Take.”

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