The above image is a scan of the title of the Book of Yoeil (or Joel in English.) This is the actual writing from the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures. For those who know how to read the Aramaic language, it will be clear that the name of Yoeil contains the name of the Creator of the Universe 'Eil.' The name of 'Eil' is spelled Allap-Yod-Lammad. Only in the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures is the spelling retained with these three letters. In Hebrew the name of Yoeil is pronounced 'Yoel,' thus dropping the 'Yod' from the name. In all other translations, it is also 'El.' In English for example, it is 'Joel.' Again retaining the name of the pagan god 'El.' This spelling of the name implies that the 'God of the Bible' is a pagan god, a Ugarithic god of Canaan.

There are some who suggest that Abraham was 'confused' and did not know what 'God' was saying to him; he thought that it was 'El' who was speaking to him. In other words, that Abraham had forgotten the name of his 'God.' This is really cynical; Abraham knew that it was 'Eil' who was speaking to him and that it was 'Eil' who gave him the Covenant to call Him by His Holy Name. Abraham spoke the Ancient Aramaic language as well. The Hebrew language was not invented yet. The Hebrew nation did not exist until Abraham went to the land of Canaan.

'Eil' is the most sacred name of the Creator of the Universe. This is proof that only the Ancient Aramaic original is true; all other Bibles are false -- with respect to the names and many crucial concepts. The Ancient Aramaic Language is the only language that preserves the meanings of the names of the authentic Scriptures, those same Scriptures that Maran Eashoa Msheekha read from when He walked the earth.

Moreover, the pronunciation of His name 'Eashoa Msheekha' is the only correct one, and it always means that He is the Milta, or the Manifestation of Maryah Allaha. All the names and concepts of the Scriptures are retained only in the Ancient Aramaic language. That is why Maran Eashoa Msheekha spoke this language, why He chose this language to be the Scribal Language of all Scriptures, both the Old and the New -- because it is the only language that glorifies Him as the fulfillment of the Trinity in real time and on earth. His detractors can deny that His Name is mentioned in the Old Testament, but the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures confirms for all time that He is the Maryah Allaha who came to the World two thousand  years ago.

Maran Eashoa Msheekha came to the world to save everybody, not just one nation. That is why He did not come as a king of this world. In fact, He neither came as an 'Anointed King' to save the Jewish nation from the oppression of Rome, nor as a 'Savior to die for the sins of the Gentiles' -- He came as the only Milta of Maryah Allaha, to proffer Salvation to everyone who would accept Him as the Msheekha prophesied by the Scriptures and glorify Him as the Eternal Son who was in the bosom of His Father in Heaven, and who never ceased being the only Milta or Manifestation of the Father to the very end.

Moreover, according to the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures, Maran Eashoa Msheekha is the only figure who remains to the very end [we have a glimpse of Him in the vision of John called Revelation] as the Milta (God Manifest,) who sits on the Throne of Heaven as one figure representing the Triune Essences of the Allahoota (Godhood.)

Oct. 9, 2016

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