The Letters of James

James 1

1. James, the servant of our Allaha and Maryah Eashoa Msheekha, to the Twelve Tribes that are sown among the nations, shalom. 

2. I wish you all possible joy, brethren, as you experience many trials and changes. 3. For you know that holding on to the faith will result in you gaining Hope. 4. For that Hope, then, shall represent wholesome works, so that you will be devoted and lacking in nothing. 5. If a human being among you, then, is lacking in wisdom, they should ask Allaha, who gives everyone simply and does not have to take it from one person to give it to another. 6. Ask, however, through faith, without being at odds within yourself. Those who are at odds within, however, resemble the pirates of the sea whose spirits are always in turmoil. 7. Such a person cannot hope to receive anything from Maryah. 8. Someone who is at odds with his own opinions and crazy in all their ways.

9. The gentle brother or sister is uplifted in their exaltation, 10. And the wealthy in their humility, because like the flower of the herb they pass along. 11. For when the sun rises and dries the herb with its heat, its flower falls off and the beauty of its sight passes away, thus also the wealthy shall be struck by your warmth. 12. Blessed is the person who anticipates being tested; so as when they win, they receive the wreath of everlasting life, that which Allaha has promised those people who are merciful to Him.

13. Let no human being who is tested, say that I am being tested by Allaha, for Allaha does not test human beings, and He never tested any human being. 14. Except each human being is tested through their desires; they are tempted and tormented by their own desire. 15. And this desire becomes pregnant and gives birth to sin. When sin matures, it gives birth to death. 16. Do not lose yourselves, dear brethren. 17. Every blessed and wholesome gift comes down from above, from the Father of the Enlightened, He that nothing changes with Him, not even the shadow at sunset. 18. He was pleased to have begotten us through the Manifestation of the infallible Truth, to become the very best of His creation. 

19. And you, dear brethren, let every human being among you be quick to hear and slow to speak and slow to anger. 20. For the anger of man does not serve the righteousness of Allaha. 21. Because of that keep away from yourselves all demonic acts and the excesses of evil, and accept with gentleness the Manifestation that is planted in you, as she* is the One who can bring to Life those souls of yours. 

22. Be then the servants of the Manifestation and not only His listeners, and lose not your souls. 23. For if a person is a listener and not a servant of the Manifestation, this person looks like someone looking in the mirror. 24. For they see themselves and go off, losing sight of themselves. 25. Everyone, however, who gazes upon the Law that leads to freedom and is strengthened by it, is not like the listener who listens and then loses sight of oneself, except is like the servant who does the works, and such a person's labors are blessed. 26. And if a human being expects to serve Allaha and does not hold back one's tongue, except allows one's heart to become lost, such a person's ministry is in vain. 27. For the pure and holy ministry before Allaha the Father is this, to [make a difference in the lives] of orphans and widows in their tribulations and to guard oneself from the world without malice.

Footnotes: *1:21 Literal Aramaic (Aramaic): Reference to the Manifestation of the Holy Spirit. The word “spirit” is always feminine in gender in Aramaic.

James 2