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Eashoa Msheekha (Jesus the Messiah) spoke Aramaic. Of course, this was two thousand years ago; the language has evolved and today it is like old English, it sounds different. The Ancient Church of the East, that emerged out of Jerusalem at the end of the Apostolic Age, referred to it as 'Leeshana Ateeqah' or the 'Old Tongue.' I call it Ancient Aramaic. It is still used in the liturgy of the Eastern Churches. It is sung during Mass. There are some clergy that know how to read it. It comes in many dialects of the Middle East and Africa, of the Eastern Churches, and of the Orthodox churches of some Eastern European countries. Nobody speaks this language anymore -- not the ancient form of it. Those who claim to speak Aramaic are only speaking modern derivatives of the language, just as nobody speaks Old English, or even Middle English anymore. Nobody speaks Koine Greek, Old Norse, or Old German, and so on. These languages have all evolved. And so today one also finds Hebrew and Aramaic spoken by millions of people in the Middle East, but these are modern versions of the language. The roots of many words are the same, however, and the old form can be learned. This I have done, so I can read the Scriptures and translate them faithfully. Actually, the Scriptures have preserved the Ancient Aramaic language, and the language has preserved the Scriptures. It is the language that Eashoa Msheekha spoke.

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Translation Note

The Galilean Aramaic of the time of Eashoa Msheekha was not the same as the Galilean Aramaic of today, nor was it like the Hebrew of today -- even though both languages have evolved from the Ancient Aramaic of that time. The Galilean dialect of the Ancient Aramaic language of the time of Eashoa was the Ninevite Aramaic, today referred to as Ashurit by even the major scholars of Judaism. So the New Testament was recorded in Ancient Aramaic and later translated into Koine Greek, which is a form of Greek more akin to Aramaic, as it was heavily influenced by Aramaic. All human languages evolved out of the Leeshana Ateeqah (Ancient Tongue) that was spoken in Mesopotamia thousands of years before the Bible was written. However, Leeshana Ateeqah became the Leeshana Supprayah (Scribal Language) by the time of Eashoa Msheekha. This is the Sacred Scribal Language of the Scriptures, which the Hebrew Prophets had used, in its classical form, and the Apostles of Eashoa Msheekha used, in its final form. In fact, it is the language Eashoa Msheekha read the Scriptures from in all the synagogues and temples that He visited when He came to the world. This translation has been made from the Leeshana Supprayah, the Sacred Scribal Language of the Scriptures. This is the only Bible that has been translated from scratch using this language as the source material.

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